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    showa twin chamber problem

    i done them to the manual torque settings
  2. bond_rmz

    showa twin chamber problem

    yeah i did that
  3. hi guys .. i have a rmz 450 05, when i got the bike the forks where really plush i rode the bike for one day and then stored it for a few days.when i came to go out on the bike again the forks where really stiff,so i changed the seals,bushes and oil and they are still the same. i am putting 210ml of oil in the compression chamber and 320ml of oil in the outer leg. could this be trapped air if so could anyone run through the bleed procedure they use or could it be an over tightened nult/bolt. i am using light 5wt oil.the forks go through the first 1/3 of the travel not to bad but after that you cannot move them. i have put the front wheel and clamps in correctly so i can rule them out. any help really appreciated
  4. hi guys ive just joind thumper talk and man what a site im from the uk and i have recently bought an rmz 450 05 which was imported from america the bike was ridden in the gnc or gmc series ? i the guys second name who owned it was andrews and was number 7 was just wondering if anyone couls shed any light on this bike or guy ?