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  1. Fenty

    Aussie Special complete

    a nice set of Renthals on there to replace the stock waterpipe jobbies and you're done. I've seen bikes in a show room that aren't as clean as that one!!! Nice Job!!!
  2. Fenty

    650R Stator Issue

    need a bit of help here. My XR is an american spec though I live in Northern Ireland, and since I ride on the road I'm fed up of the candle power lights.... i did a bit of searching and found a G44 stator upgrade from BBBikeshop with all ten poles wound. I asked if it came with a sealed grommet for an XR650R and the guy replied that it did. I received the alternator on Saturday morning after ordering on tuesday so they did well for prompt delivery. However, the stock ignition pulse pickup is wired through the existing stock grommet, but the one I received has all the wires sealed in the grommet and all of the wires are fixed to the poles on the coil. There are enough wires for me to cut two of them at the stator and wire the existing pulse pickup to it but I’m unsure about doing this and messing up the coil. I know about the rickystator or XRStuff here in the UK, but I have no experience of shipping from the states and XRStuff didn't reply to any of my questions by email or answer the phone when i tried. Should I send the stator back and take BBB's 20% hit on cost for returns or doctor the wiring to fit the pulse pickup in there? Cheers.....
  3. Fenty

    I'm a DAD!!!

    I'll try, but the missus' offices are closed at the minute!!! Thanks for all the sentiments guys.
  4. Fenty

    I'm a DAD!!!

    Thanks for all the regards guys, Thankfully I got my new (to me) XR650R about a month ago.... Now I just won't have the time to ride it...
  5. Fenty

    I'm a DAD!!!

    My son Isaac was born this morning at 4.45, weight 4lbs 9oz. He is 8 weeks early but mum and baby are doing great. He'll be in an incubator for a bit to monitor him but he's a good colour and his vitals look strong. A future rugby back row forward if I'm not mistaken!!! My card's behind the bar!!!
  6. Fenty

    First Post on XR forum - New XR650R

    The wheels were on the bike when I got her. I do know they're off a cagiva mito but as for spacers and such I would need to have a look. I'll try and get some detailed phots on tonight so keep posted. Also the Mito has a speedo drive off the front sprocket so you need a trailtech speedo or similar run off the front disk. there is also an aftermarket spacer for the stock front caliper. I'll take a photo of that for ya as well.
  7. Fenty

    First Post on XR forum - New XR650R

    I live in county down about 20 miles from the Mourne mountains. Top class Supermoto pasture!! However your parents live on what i regard to be the best biking road on God's green earth. I regularly used to head up there along the coast road for an ice cream on a sunday afternoon, about a 140 mile round trip. Ballycastle is a bike mecca (one of a few in northern ireland) but it is the one with the best roads around it. Torr head is a blast and 30mph is too much on some of it. It's also stunningly beautiful. next time you're over, beg borrow steal (or book a test ride) a bike and rack up some miles.
  8. Fenty

    First Post on XR forum - New XR650R

    She liked the VFR800 better but seeing as she's 6 months pregnant and won't be on a pillion for a year or two I thought it was time to prioritise. The VFR was making me feel obliged to use as much of the performance as I could and over here there's not so much a police force as a traffic branch (or so it seems) This will let me have my fun on twisty roads without the need for 100mph+ speeds. Impending fatherhood helped in this decision too!! Lordy!! Who picks a SM as a sensible choice
  9. Fenty

    First Post on XR forum - New XR650R

    Cagiva Mito 125...... that disk seems a bit overkill on it's intended application!!!!
  10. Oooooooohhhhhh Mommy!!! Look what I gone done and did!!!!! '03 XR650 supermoto with all the original parts including the enduro wheels... Big Gun exhaust, rejetted.. MINT-AL fun. Now the question. I have an enduro on sunday, do I stick with the trusty DRZ or go with this. The test run on this made the DRZ feel like a toy!!
  11. Fenty

    Anyone tried the a trials tire on a DRZ?????

    From my experience in competing in trials, Michelin X11's are probably the grippiest tyres all round. Dunlops and IRC's are slightly better in softer conditions as their slightly harder compound and carcass help then cut through the mud to the harder base layer. Pirelli's MT43 is harder again and as a result they aren't that popular in trials as they lack outright grip over rocks and stoney conditions. However, on a heavier bike like the DRZ the pirellis perform very well and last longer than the softer alternatives, and over most ground conditions from rocky/stoney to damp loamy soil they will stomp all over most knobblies. The key is to not to spin up the tyre but to 'feel' for grip, though in muddy conditions the tyre spinning helps clear the tread blocks and is employed to good effect in muddy trials conditions. On the road the tall sidewall squirms about a bit but you get used to this. Anyone blowing out a sidewall must be hitting things REALLY hard as these tyres are designed to be able to slam into rock steps with about 4-6psi and i doubt a conventional tyre would stand up to that sort of punishment and not pinch a tube anyway. Looking at them, trials tyres look quite tame compared to enduro and MX knobbys, but once you use them the grip they give is outstanding.
  12. Fenty

    Oil leak coming from the clutch shaft!

    I had to replace mine. I ddin't remove the rod, just used a small precision screwdriver to prise out the seal. My biggest problem was that cruddy dome headed philips which is hard to get at and the head stripped. I then had to remove the starter motor to get a good bash at the side of the dome head with a chisel. When I got it sorted I replaced it with a hex head so I can remove it with a spanner if I ever have to again.
  13. Fenty

    DRZ electrical Q

    Hi guys, I have a loom taken off another bike to that I am going to adapt to my bike to add indicators to my DRZ400E. I haven't had much time lately so I haven't been able to properly strip the bike and trace the wires so I wondering if someone could give me a few hints as to where the power input to the lighting circuit is on the DRZ-E? Or even better (forgive me if this sounds cheeky) has someone got a soft copy of the DRZ-e wiring diagram they could post/send etc. Thanks guys
  14. Fenty

    Why didn't suzuki make it like this ? pic.

    over this side of the pond CCM's are well regarded and very few have any woes with them. Some of the detailing can be a substandard but they make better use of thew DRZ engine than suzuki ever did. Lighter, better suspended, better equipped....
  15. Fenty

    First Enduro (long)

    Some pics from the day.... photos only just published. Looking good coming out of the stream.. oops eyes forward, elbows up.. My brother Marshall regretting the decision to race a 30 year old thumper!! but not regretting it as much as the guy he passes on a new 250EXC Ricky's XR600 getting tired and emotional Thats better Darren getting sideways on his KX Team Dirty Virgin, knackered but chuffed at the end....