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    Looking for 105sx feedback

    Check with (search) Smith in noth Carolina, Munnracing in Waco Texas if they still have some 2007s are about 3900 pluss shipping. Powersports east here in Delaware has a 2006 they'll take 3850 for and they are usually higher than anyone else. If you were qouted that much for a 105 you need to fire your dealer, they must focus on streetbikes or something to be that expensive. KTM might still also be running there financing deals, ask about that. Also see ktmtalk.com for more info on dealers and bikes.
  2. Shepps

    Looking for 105sx feedback

    we have 2 ktm105s, + suz85 and a kx100 there is no match for the ktm, the suz85 is close in low end power out of the turns, kx top end is good but it's real weak comming out of corners. ktm has the best suspension, then suz, forget the kx the design is outdated. The KTM is worth the money. it comes with all the aftermarket stuff you need to make the other bikes competitive. My son has raced 3 harescrambles on the KTM, he got all 3 hole shots, and overalled the last youth race. At Delaware HS there were over 51 riders in the 85 and 100cc classes, even though only 4 of them were KTMs, a KTM won in both classes! We are confident that when the East Coast Enduro Association makes a "AA" youth class in 2007 that even the new crf150 has no chance. the only negative might be that with a KTM bike maintenance is more important. They hold less oil, the brake calipers are more delicate (but cheap to rebuild) there are also less aftermarket parts (we expanded the gas tank, where we could buy an extra capacity tank for the KX. What sold me was a test ride. I set up, jet and test my kids bikes and when I rode the ktm105 it pulled me like no other mini ever has. (a 200 pound "A" rider)