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  1. DRZ_Marv

    SV650 and/or the DRZ 400 SM

    I have a 2005 SV naked that I commute on a lot, works great on the HWY and in the city. Track days too. Have also toured on it with soft luggage. I also have a DRZ E for the trials. Great combo! Keep the XT for the trails and get a naked SV. Either Generation SV will do ya just fine, cheap, plenty of upgrades, getting suspension up to par is an easy and relatively cheap remedy.
  2. DRZ_Marv

    DRZ vs KTM dual sport, what to buy

    Is the E model plateable in CA? I heard it is hard to plate non-street titled bikes in CA. If you can get a plated E model it gets you are very capable bike, albeit relatively heavy compared to the KTM, but great for the price. My E model is a fun bike in the woods and it can get me to local trails and back as well. Maybe I don't know any better though as I have never ridden a KTM.
  3. Hi All, I am moving away from high altitude back to < 1000 ft. Can I get away with keeping the EMP needle and running the 160 or 155 main jet? I understand that the EMN needle with a 155 main is recommended for stock exhaust and was just wondering if I can get away with just changing out the main 145 to something bigger and not changing the needle. Will the slightly lean off idle with the EMP be okay at lower elevation? TIA
  4. DRZ_Marv

    What do you think this is worth DRZ 400

    Look on your closest craigslist to get an idea and check completed listings on Ebay. I personally would start somewhere halfway between trade in value and retail value then add about half the cost of the dual sport kit and extra equipment.
  5. Yah, the carb might be an issue as well. Hopefully he didn't run any carb cleaner through or let it sit with carb cleaner in it. I bought what I thought was a great deal on a DRZ that sat for a year and ended up buying a new carb, the old one was shot. Not trying to be a party pooper, just making you more informed. Probably will just need a good cleaning is all as with most carbs that sit. Good luck!!
  6. DRZ_Marv

    FCR-MX on a E Model

    Well, I am very Happy!! I finally got all the parts I needed to install the FCR-MX on my DRZ 400E. I just couldn't get the stock OEM FCR to run right. I went ahead and moved the right motor mount over to the left side. The carb may have fit but I didn't want to mess with it. The S throttle cables installed just fine too. O-ring mod, emp needle, 145 jet, removed the air jet per recommendations, 2 turns out on fuel screw, needle clip on third position, plugged nipple on intake bell and replaced nipple on intake with the S nut and copper washer. With the right jetting (thanks Eddie) it runs great at this altitude (7000 ft). It will pull the front up relatively easy with no clutch in first and bounces off the rev limiter very quickly. It was so nice to fire it up, let it run on choke for a minute or too (its cold here), turn off the choke, and hear it idle nicely, with no hanging idle upon turning the throttle. I just had to adjust the idle a tad bit higher than what it was set at out of the box. Thanks for the advice and the help, now I am going to go out and ride this thing, weather permitting!!
  7. DRZ_Marv

    thinking about buying a SM, need opinions!!

    E. is the black DRZ-SM not the most bad-ass DRZ YOU'VE EVER SEEN!! Based purely on that, you should get the SM. It will be fun as-is and you can mod it till your heats content later. 3x3 airbox mod with a jet kit ought to give you a nice performance gain that is relatively cheap. If you want to go the FCR route here it is: http://shop.thumpertalk.com/product_p/int_keihin_drzfcrmx.htm The E pipe sounds pretty good in my opinion, not sure how loud the SM pipe is in comparison, probably very similar.
  8. DRZ_Marv

    Quick Change Jetting Tool

    Will this work fine on the DRZ w/ the FCRMX carb installed? Just wondering before I install carb as I want to be able to adjust mixture screw, replace mainjet, etc if I move to a lower elevation and have to rejet in the future. TIA
  9. DRZ_Marv

    drz-e not running 100%.

    The E goes to 11, just like the amps in Spinal Tap! 11 is more than 10 which means it is better......
  10. DRZ_Marv

    TT fcr 39 mx pics

    It is the o-ring you are referring to, the one that seals the bell to the carb. I pulled the bell off my OEM FCR and they look identical. Hopefully I can swap them out, if not I will order one. Already ordered the s throttle cables, the bolt that replaces the nipple on the intake, and I found the #78 o-ring for teh acc. pump. The needle and jet are on the way as well. I can't wait!
  11. DRZ_Marv

    TT fcr 39 mx pics

    Thanks for the photos, I have the E model with a bad carb so I bought an FCR MX and will just use my existing intake bell. Does the o-ring gasket come with the carb? I just bought the carb from TT, I didn't need the kit. Please let me know if I need to buy the gasket. Thanks
  12. DRZ_Marv

    Having thoughts of switching to DR650

    +1 on Option B. Unless you can only have one bike, then you may want to look at the DR. Like previously stated, it will do single track (esp. with a few mods to the suspenders), just slower.
  13. DRZ_Marv

    FCR-MX on a E Model

    Thanks! Forgot about the one on the intake bell.
  14. DRZ_Marv

    FCR-MX on a E Model

    Do I need to block off the nipple on the block where the coast enrichener hooks up to on the E? If so, will a basic auto parts store have a cap? THX