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  1. new2blue450

    Kx250 or Yz250? Hard Choice

    FWIW, ive had a 98 and 03 KX 250 and i would take the 98 anyday over the 03. you should be able to pick one up for less that 1g, and with a 20% discount, make it YOURS easly with your left over loot.
  2. new2blue450

    Todd Potter on Bubba's Worlk

    the show is horrible. makes bubba, and his family looks pretty bad IMO. OTOH, i never thought he would try and ride travis's coattails AND FAIL so miserably.
  3. new2blue450

    What did you do to your KX/KDX today?

    installed a new throttle tube, destroyed the old one sat on a rock....granite is really slippery when wet, who knew?! lol
  4. BTW if i run 91 oct. i can/have gotten 20 but its to expensive. the 6's like the expensive stuff.
  5. i have an 07, extended cab 4x4 with about 7k miles and i average about 17 MPG babying it. im told it will get better after 10k/
  6. i know they have an off road riding course in camp pendleton, but for some reason i cannot convince my CO that i need it:excuseme:
  7. if you join you will get plenty of time off to do as you please. i have heard the rumor about Edwards, but that is a little far for me to drive. dont forget that people in the military have families and hobbies also.
  8. diesleox4, your side burns are out of regs!!! lol
  9. ive got 7 years in the Navy myself and his post is 100% correct. The thing i noticed with the dirt bikes VS street bikes is its next to impossible to find dirt riders compared to street riders. if you did eat it hard enough just say you fell down some stairs or something, thats what we do at my command.
  10. well you asked for the truth, great shots but the quality sucks-they look kinda hazy.
  11. new2blue450

    Does this make sense...body armor

    that dude who did the double back flip, not TP, wears hockey pads and regular leather gloves. i dont know about the gloves, but if i was gonna get in over my head on purpose, i would def get some shoulder pads that were designed to be USED. MX stuff looks like its made to deflect roost, and posibly save you from a seperated shoulder.
  12. just wondering why most riders rip they're goggles off as soon as they crash. i generally take a sec to make sure i am still alive then move my extremities before i even consider my eye sight. BTW im not a racer if it matters.