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  1. Martyyy

    WR450 battery in a WR250

    Good information............ My WR250 battery popped open where it's supposed to be sealed on a big ride last weekend and the bike totaly died. It smelled like rotten eggs for a while then just died. I couldn't start it at all! The battery acid ate through the air filter too. Martyyy
  2. Martyyy

    5th Gear trouble

    Cool...Thanks I'll try it.
  3. Martyyy

    5th Gear trouble

    I just happy to have it back. I took it on a big ride Sunday and at the end the sealed battery broke open and the acid ate through my air cleaner....The tranmission was great though! Have you or anyone wired in a switch to turn the head and tail light's off? I would like to add one. Thanks, Marty
  4. Martyyy

    5th Gear trouble

    Sure, I was a supprised at all the damage after only 1000 miles...I'm 45 and 182 lbs. I don't really ride that hard. I always use the clutch. I ride in the deserts of Yuma AZ. I probably should have got a 450 instead of a 250. This is how it looks on the reciept. Gear, 5th pinion circlip, s-type gear, 3rd pinion gear, 4th pinion circlip, s-type washer, lock gear, 3rd wheel gear, 5th wheel fork, shift 1 fork, shift 2 fork, shift 3 washer, lock gasket, cylinder head gasket, cylinder element assy, oil gasket, exhuast gasket, crankcase co gasket, crankcase co washer, lock washer, lock gasket, crankcase co cr8e ngk sparkplug yamalube 20/40 oil service maxima coolant 64 oz Parts 527.68 labor 600.00 other 30.00 Plus tax 46.85 Martyyy
  5. Martyyy

    5th Gear trouble

    I just got it back from the Yamaha shop today after 3 weeks. The repair was $1209.00......That is a lot for a bike Iv'e only had 8 months.
  6. Martyyy

    5th Gear trouble

    Yes I agree......Thanks for the info. I will take it to the shop as that may be more than I can do myself.
  7. Martyyy

    5th Gear trouble

    Yes I used a Barnett kit with the springs, fiber and steel plates. It was pretty simple to do.....But a waste of a $144.00 since it didn't help.
  8. Martyyy

    5th Gear trouble

    sounds like I will have to take it in to the shop......
  9. Martyyy

    5th Gear trouble

    It does!
  10. Martyyy

    5th Gear trouble

    No misfire. When I'm on the throttle in 5th gear the engine feels like it dies then starts up again then sometimes the rpm's climb briefly with no feeling of wheel engagement. When it first started happening it was at half to full throttle. Now it can not be riden in 5th gear at all. The first thing my friends and thought was the clutch so I replaced it. Thanks, Marty
  11. Martyyy

    5th Gear trouble

    At first I thought it might be an electrical problem...The bike would cut out then back on. Like a governor or something but I noticed some slipping so I thought it must be the clutch, I changed that and it didn't help. The bike has 1000 miles on it. When the problem first started it was only in top speed 5th gear. It has quickly gotten worse and now all of 5th cuts out or slips. I appreciate your help.
  12. Martyyy

    5th Gear trouble

    Hi, I have a 2006 WR250. In 5th gear it cuts out badly. some times it sounds like the clutch is slipping. So I replaced the Clutch and rejetted the carb...Still not ridable in 5th gear and it has gotten worst...I have no probelm in the other gears. Can anyone help me? Thanks, Marty
  13. Martyyy

    Jetting D-Base for YZ/WR 250F

    Model (YZ or WR 250F):05 wr250 Timing (WR-YZ):WR Main jet:Stock Pilot Jet:Stock Fuel screw (turns out):2 1/4 Needle model/Clip position:6th from top, stock Needle Airbox lid: Snorkel removed and YZ holes cut out Pipe: DR.D Altitude where you ride:0-1000" Temperature where you ride:65-95 Other mods:Gray Wire unplugged Degree of satisfaction: Very happy, It's whole different bike!
  14. Martyyy

    Jet setting

    Hi everyone! I just got a new 2005 WR250.....Early Christmas present....cause I've been so good : ) I’ve order a new Dr. D complete exhaust and will do the "gray wire", "air box" and "throttle stop screw mods" this weekend. Not sure what to do about the carburetor settings though??? Can someone give me there two cents on a good starting point? like needle position and fuel screw turns to start with? I ride at Ocotillo Wells Ca. and the Yuma AZ. area mostly. Looking forward to your help.