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  1. phuggit

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    Starting at the Fire Station near Manix Rd and the I15 Friday morning and hopefully making it to Havasu without any major mishaps. Stay the night in Havazoo and make a short day ride to the Desert Bar/explore the Bill Williams River area in Parker on Saturday, then ride all the way back to Manix on Sunday. I'll post pics and gps log when I get back. My only concern is fuel mileage. With an IMS 4 gallon tank and the stock carb, I could make it to Needles from Baker without hitting my reserve. With the additional miles from Manix, compounded by riding through the sand washes I dont think 4 gallons is enough so I'm bringing an extra 8 liters of fuel in my bakpack. BTW your XR4 turned out sick. I actually put my bike up for sale last year anticipating going orange, but after several tire kickers I decided to keep it and just add some mods I always put off. You cant beat the simplicity and endurance of an XR and having peace of mind that it wont take a dump on me in the middle of nowhere is not there with some of the modern bikes.
  2. phuggit

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    I installed this And prepped my bike for an upcoming 500 mile ride. I'll post a report about the pumper carb after the ride.
  3. phuggit

    XR4 Compression Release

    I removed mine and haven't regretted it. The bike still starts at the very most on the third kick.
  4. phuggit

    Mojave National Preserve????

    The section between Marl Springs and Cima Road. Actually The big rollers start at the flagpole and turn into the whoops after Marl Springs. Good Times...
  5. phuggit

    New Years OW

    Holy crap. That was one hell of a get off. Did you have enough air time to think about the impending landing, or was it one of those "wtfjh" moments? Gas to you for a speedy recovery .
  6. phuggit

    Mojave National Preserve????

    Read the Casebier (sounds like "case beer") book before you go. There is also fuel on the 95 and 163, which is about a five mile ride north from the Mojave Road where it crosses over the 95. I wouldn't attempt the ride without a plated bike. The Rangers patrol the Cedar Canyon Road area quite a bit.
  7. phuggit

    New Years OW

    Great pics. That mud was slick as hell. We tried to take Tule Wash all the way to the Salton Sea, but the trail turned into a slippery mess and I didn't feel like pulling a stuck bike out of the mud.
  8. phuggit

    Merry Christmas!!

    Merry Xmas!
  9. phuggit

    Todays Ride

    Great pics. Some good riding now fo sho.
  10. Great report. Thanks for taking the time to throw up the pics.
  11. phuggit

    Cal City - New Years

    About twenty of us will be out near the Trona Road x Stevens Mine Road area from the 28th thru the 2nd