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  1. Sure is clicking still. I disassembled the entire battery area. Checked the connections, fuses and wires to the starter and everything was fine. I don't know &%$#@! is going on!!!
  2. Well, re-tightened the connections...nothing. I just went out and bought a (nice; whole nother story ) battery charger, charged it up and again...nothing! I'm at a loss now... I'm thinking that it might be the brushes in the starter, but that is just a guess based off of another post in here. Any help out there...........??????
  3. I haven't charged my battery yet. I will definitely re-tighten all the conections and see if that cures it. The battery sounded strong as it was clicking away, but just nothing at the starter. Thanks for the replies. I will keep everyone posted.
  4. I went to start my wife's bike after letting it sit for 3 months. The e-start just made a constant clicking sound at the relay next to the battery. I took the starter off of the bike and tried the e-start again and same thing. I was thinking maybe the battery was too dead to turn over the engine, but nope, not even a turn with no load on the starter off of the engine. I did a huge search and turned up a few threads that said batteries, some said brushes. I wondering if anyone that has experienced this could chime in with the solution to the issue. I started the bike with the kick starter and let it run for a few minutes and even rode it around the block hoping to charge the battery, but nothing. Still just click, click, click, click. I hate the hourly charge at the Yamaha dealer. I'm hoping it's something easy I can take care of. Thanks in advance.
  5. I would read through your insurance information. The fine print is what you'll want to look at. Usually insurance will not cover any accidents that are related to racing (fine print normally says, something that is done often or as a profession.) They can't tell the difference between a full-time racer and someone who races 3 times a year. I know for a fact that life insurance works this exact way. You can't be a professional racer and get life insurance through most companies. Your at least intelligent enough to research this. Two thumbs up!!!