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  1. chamiosdog

    Where to send my head?

    Call Ron Hamp. Get a R model head and his valves and springs. I had Ron fix up my head in 2006. After one adjustment I have NEVER had to change the valve adjustment. I call it a good deal after all these years.
  2. chamiosdog

    DRZ Valve Adjustment Frequency? Tell me when.

    I check them and check them. After ten years they have never moved. Go figure.
  3. chamiosdog

    Sending rear shock to RG3...

    RG3 has built and serviced the forks and shock on my DRZ since it was new. A few years back coating on the inner shcik body had given it up. They were able to refurbish the coating and get the shock back to me in about 2 weeks. Save tons over buying a new shock body!
  4. chamiosdog

    Getting closer,top clamp/bar decision...

    Here is some good info for you. Just talked to Pro Taper to confirm. Their Mini Hi actually is their bar that gives you the most rise and the most control space. It is 775mm total width, the same as a "woods" bar. But where a woods bar is 190mm of flat the Mini has 200mm. That is just over 1/3" per side. Not alot until your controls don't fit. Plus you could always cut them down an extra 2/3" total!!!! Also, the Mini Hi's are 105mm rise instead of 95mm. Another 1/3" taller!! I've always bought woods bars but will now buy the Mini Hi's
  5. chamiosdog

    The madness continues. FCR 39 swap (pics)

    Doc, Very cool to see it happen from someone who obviously has the skills. Now if I were only independently wealthy so I could apprentice at a machine shop to learn how to do this stuff.......
  6. chamiosdog

    "E" custom brake light rig?

    I have a banjo bolt pressure switch on my rear brake. Hooked it up to the stock LED tailight with a resistor jumpering the circuit. The tailight is a little dim then goes to full bright when you hit the rear brake. I've had it on there for at least 7 years! When it was my trail riding bike it gave riders behind me a bit of warning coming into tight stuff. (I was tired of the kids runnig into me) Now it's on the road and a back up woods bike (2 wheel sets) The brake still works on the street too!
  7. chamiosdog

    How to make your self a Carbon Fiber front fender

    Erling, You are truly a persistent artist! The fender is beautiful. Now if we all could just find you some good Prepreg!!!!! Bike looks good. I am wondering where the CF skid plate is!!!!!
  8. chamiosdog

    Which Off road wheels fit a SM?

    After 03 KTM is correct. You'll just need different spacers for the front. I have a set on my bike and they work great. Oh yeah, you need a caliper bracket for the front to match the bigger KTM disc.
  9. chamiosdog

    250R Exhaust Can on a 250X?

    Have had mine with the quiet tip for 3 years now. 91db at the sound check. Way cheaper, quieter and as much power as any aftermarket pipe!!!
  10. chamiosdog

    Valves, Springs, and Big Bore Kit?

    Kibblewhite, kibblewhite, kibblewhite....... Call Ron Hamp and get his valves and springs. 3 years old and not a single valve adjustment needed.
  11. chamiosdog

    Shell Rotella T synthetic 5W-40 oil

    Multi Grade Oils............An interesting topic.. I grew up with a couple of guys whose father was a chemist for Standard Oil in Whiting IN back in the 50's and 60's. (I think it was Standard Oil then.) He developed and his name is on the original patent for Multi-Grade Oil. I remember that he was always mixing and trying different oils in their cars, the boat, their motorcycles. The guy was the brainiest person you'd ever meet. A little eccentric also!!!!!
  12. chamiosdog

    DRZ triple clamp measurements?

    The upside down conversion was done on a few of the Yosh race bikes. Some guys liked the stiffer forks some not. There is also a conversion where you can put later model RM USD forks and clamps on the DRZ. If I remember you have to cut down and thread the steering stem to fit then usually go to a stiffer fork spring. I also remember that it is a steeper angle. (there used to be threads on TT about this) Have you ridden your bike side by side with a stocker? Notice any steering differences?
  13. chamiosdog

    What will you replace your DR-Z with?

    First of all I have no intentions of Ever getting rid of my DRZ. If we have an appocalyse I will be using the DRZ like Mad Max! The DRZ is now getting a extra SM wheelset to go to the grocery store on. It is my back up bike at big offroad rides and a loaner for when a friend needs a bike. But man can't live by one bike alone................ Already added to the stable. It's stable mates. CRF280x Roadstar Warrior My fat a$$ on the 1976 IT175 at Loretta Lynn's Ranch
  14. chamiosdog

    DRZ triple clamp measurements?

    You guys with machines are my new Best Friends!!!!!! I used to know the specs but that was years ago. I'm running an applied top clamp on the old girl. Back in 2000-01 when Yosh was racing these for Suzuki there wee some 2 degree steeper clamps running around. Supposed to make the bike turn much better. (disclaimer: I like my bike to turn more off the front end) I tried to get a set but it never happened. Shift, maybe in your spare garage time you might whip up a set to try????? p.s. put Pro tapers on the bike. You will thank yourself
  15. chamiosdog

    Which bike for DRZ shadow?

    I replaced my 00 DRZ with an 04 CRF250x (plus 280 kit, steeper triple clamps, Rekluse, Yadda, Yadda) It is the quickest steering best handling bike in tight single track I have ever ridden. The small 250 crank and the 280 kit make for a great combination. p.s. didn't get rid of the DRZ now its a back up bike, loaner bike and a dual sport!