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  1. SMjunkie

    Show me your headlight mods

    I've been thinking lately that a newer style headlight and shoud would really update the look of my bike. Has anyone used the headlight and shoud off of one of the newer KTM's or Husky's? I did a search and found a few on here with aftermarket head lights and they look ok but I've heard they don't really provide enough light. Is there anything that looks good and works well? the shroud I have is all scratched so I am looking to replace it anyway. But I wanted to see what other options are out there. thanks!
  2. SMjunkie

    FCR-e vs FCR-mx

    Good enough for me! Guess I'll have to wait it out. Is there a way to pre-order? I can't seem to find it in the store anymore.
  3. SMjunkie

    FCR-e vs FCR-mx

    Are the ones from the tt store all brand new carbs?
  4. SMjunkie

    FCR-e vs FCR-mx

    He said it is in good usable condition, shortened choke shaft, E cables,E airbox boot,intake boot & the vacuum nipple for the head. Looks good from the pics but I haven't seen it in person.
  5. SMjunkie

    FCR-e vs FCR-mx

    I'm sure this has probably been asked before but I've searched and can't quite find the answer I'm looking for so here goes.... Will the FCR off the old e models provide the same benifits as the FCR-mx? Is there any reason to make sure I get an FCR-mx as opposed to the old style off the e models? I have a line on one off an e model with all of the stuff included to mount it up (came right off an sm) Or I could wait a month and order the tt kit when its available (3-4 weeks last I checked) Thanks!
  6. SMjunkie

    Ok, Who was it?

    Yes it sure WAS. Not quite that clean anymore and I doubt it ever will be again! http://smhooligans.com/Gallery/album04/DSCN2448 that pic is after the SM Hooligans Snow and Mud ride through clear creek.The whole gallery is pretty cool. Check it out. http://smhooligans.com/Gallery/album04?page=1 later! Mondo
  7. SMjunkie

    Ok, Who was it?

    I'm famous!
  8. SMjunkie

    04-05 & 06 Hubs

    Does anyone know if the wheels from the 04-05 KX250F fit the 06 models? I'm trying to put together a cheap set of Supermoto wheels for my bike and I keep finding 04-05 wheelsets but nothing for the 06. Just wondering if anyone knows if the hubs from the 04-05 models will fit mine. thanks!