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  1. I just bought an 2007 yz250F. I have ridden a few times on my track and my biggest complaint is the the rear end tends to kick around and buck. I have yet to set the sag on the bike and was wondering if there was an ideal number that i should aim for. I will also take any advice for setup. I ride mostly on a soft-intermediate type track. Height - 5"8' weight - 160 w/gear on speed- Junior My 2006 was revalved and it was wonderful, but since that bike was stolen a few months back, i really do not want to put extra money into my new bike. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. I am interested in making the long trip from WA to PENN to watch the finale, but was hoping to know which airport is best to fly into...any help?
  3. Does anyone know the prefered tire for Washougal? I am heading down there this weekend and am struggling with what tire to put on. My choices are: Front Tires- Mitchelin S12 (Soft), Mitchelin M12 (Medium), Dunlop 739 Rear Tires: Mitchelin S12, Dunlop 756 I was thinking of doing the Dunlop 756 with the Mitchelin M12 front. Any suggestions?
  4. Are the plastic shrouds and fenders the exact same on both bikes? I am looking to get my dad a sticker kit for his birthday and just wanted to make sure i was buying the right kit. Thanks.
  5. Is any one going to matterly basin in England to watch the race? My dad and I are thinking about going and are looking for more information on where to stay, to rent a car (or not), etc. I know the website is mxofnations.com but was just seeing if anyone had insider info on a great place to stay near the track. thanks
  6. yz250f20

    2007 Ktm 525ex-g Vs 2003 625 Xcs

    cool!!! Thanks a lot man. I think i have him talked into buying the 07' when it comes out, plus the guy selling the bike is just full of BS which makes it even harder to buy. thanks for all the info.
  7. My dad is thinking about buying the 03' 625 for about $5900, its barely been used and it looks in good shape. He is also thinking about waiting on the 07' 525. 1) Whats your opinion? Should he wait on not? 2) Are the 07' going to be street legal off the show room floor? 3) will the 625 hold its value in a year if he rides it once or twice and decides to go with the 07'? I really think he should hold off, the 625 is a beast of a bike, I hear it shakes like crazy, and it doesnt have that 6th gear. Anything will be better than his 1993 Husaberg 350
  8. yz250f20

    Sunday Moto...check these out!!!

    its a cannon 30D---- the lense is a cannon 70-200 2.8L...he just got it so he is still learning to use it.
  9. yz250f20

    Sunday Moto...check these out!!!

    michelin m12 rear and s12 front...they are good tires
  10. yz250f20

    Sunday Moto...check these out!!!

    actually thats my back yard...i am one of the few that are lucky enough to have a place to ride right out my back door. And boy is it a gas to ride on...
  11. Check these photos out that my brother took of my buddy, my dad and my self having a little sunday moto race out in my pasture near my house...they are sweet. Im number 19 and the old man is duce-duce. My brother is a pretty good photographer...im trying to talk him to doing it for a living. http://picasaweb.google.com/ericcorliss/SundayMoto this should work.
  12. yz250f20

    good or bad? 04 yz250f

    Sounds like its been ridden on... How much does he want for it, cause i just went from an 01' to an 06' and they arent even comparable. But if he is giving you a good deal, take it!
  13. I ride a 06' YZ250F and I am thinking of getting a Scott stablizer. I ride all condition, but mostly MX tracks. What do you ride and is it worth getting one, that is, is there any con to getting one other than the $400 plus to buy it? Seems to me that it would help with arm pump and high speed riding...Does it give a noticable difference? Thanks
  14. I'm just wondering what your Guy's favorite bar bend is?? I have read in the magazines that the 06' is more comfortable with a higher bend, but was wondering what the rest of you use. Also note how tall you are so i can get a comparable idea. Thanks
  15. Hey guys, I am doing my first vavle adjustment on my 01' yz250f (probably should have done it a long time ago), and was wondering when replacing the shims, do you typically replace them all with the same sized shim...or do the valves all wear at different paces? I guess i ask this because I can measure the gap of the front 2 buckets with the feelers, but how do you reach the others??? Hopefully i am making sense here...