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  1. Happy Birthday pHreaC!

  2. pHreaC

    Distance w/yz tank

    It's easy to figure that one out on yourself... Current mileage x volume new tank / volume old tank = new mileage
  3. pHreaC

    wr450 Model year changes

    The clutch basket was updated in 2009-2010.
  4. Just wondering how fuel efficiency (mpg) is for carb. vs FI. Any of you guys (and girls) had the chance to compare a similar bike with carb vs FI (same power output / same displacement / same type of riding...) The new style enduro's (that is FI enduro's) seem to pack smaller gastanks, will they still be able to go the same distance as the carbed ones? eg: Yamaha WR 8L (carb.), Yamaha YZ 6L (FI - the new WR?!) Kawa 8L (carb.), Suz 6.2L (FI) KTM 9L (carb.), Husa 8.5L (FI) ??
  5. pHreaC

    WR 450 2011 updates

    I'm located in the province Antwerp. These days it's hard to do some legal off road riding. Motocross, the sport we are famous for (several world champions - last Stefan Everts) is becoming a problem as well. The government keeps on closing circuits due to surrounding neighbours complaining about the noise and environmentalists. If you want to ride some Enduro in Europe, Western Europe certainly is not the place to be. I would refer you to the eastern European countries were enduro still lives: Poland-Hungary or South Europe: Spain-Portugal etc... anywhere but the Netherlands-Belgium. When visiting Eindhoven you coulf visit Honda Park in Balen-Olmen it's not to far of a drive, this is one of three circuits still open to the public. BACK ON TOPIC: were there no major changes or no changes at all... I have heard from the inner basket replacement for the clutch... so some updates must have been made. perhaps suspension valving?? all info is welcome grtz pHreaC
  6. pHreaC

    WR 450 2011 updates

    Besides new graphics, has anything changed between the 2008 and the 2011 Yamaha WR450F? I've read something about inner clutch basket... (not sure if it's true, and if it is, is the old one bad-as in under warranty replacement?) They are selling 2008's cheap(er) here in Belgium and I really want a WR Probably they need to get rid off them before model year 2012. A brand new FI WR450 maybe... thx for advice pHreaC ps: is uncorking still the same as for the 2006 model?
  7. pHreaC

    Living with a 2010 Husky TE510!

    I too was thinking of selling my 2010 SMC 690 because of 'electronic problems' (injection/ignition) and buying a Husq SM 510. After reading this thread I might just have to opt for a carburator-replacement instead... All this electro-crap thanks to the new emission regulations...thanks a lot... Guess if you want to ride (and ride only) your only option is to go Japanese... pHreaC
  8. pHreaC


    I think I will go and have a look at the sherco 2009. I'm looking at 2stroke because the 4stroke is too expensive for me. Could go 2nd hand, but like to own a new one. Anyone got a sherco 2.5? Good bikes: pro's-con's? thx for the advice...
  9. pHreaC


    Which trials bike has the best mileage (fuel consumption vs fuel tank) and is a good trials bike for a novice. I'm looking at sherco, gasgas, scorpa and beta. I haven't heard much good things about the scorpa in regards to performance (is it true?). I liked the beta, but the rev3 is being replaced by the evo, which I do not like. Gas gas has a bad reputation in regards to being robust/dependable. So my first choice would be sherco...anyone got good experience with this bike? grtz pHreaC
  10. pHreaC

    Scorpa sy250 2002-2008

    I've been in enduro-riding for some time now, maitenance is no problem for me...it's just that lately I find myself going up hills where no one will follow me trial biking will not be a primary goal, it's just for me to enjoy myself a bit and improve my enduro-skills (not sure if I will be making the switch completely) I fully agree on the fact that a used one is a better bargain, but uptill now I've always bought brand new enduro-machines and haven't regretted it so far. It's more expensive, but you know what you've got. Every time we are out riding we have to stop to fix one of my buddies bikes (second hand-worn down bikes)...don't want to go down there myself... Second hand enduro-bikes are often not as reliable as a new one (kind of obvious). Is it the same for used trialsbikes or is reliability not an issue with these kind of machines (low milage...)? grtz
  11. pHreaC

    Scorpa sy250 2002-2008

    I can buy a new 07 for 4500€ and a used 2002 (like new) for 2000€...do you think the used one is a good deal or not? grtz en thx for the advice. pHreaC
  12. pHreaC

    Scorpa sy250 2002-2008

    No one who is familiar with the history of scorpa bikes? Everyone is riding a GG nowadays... I can get my hands on a 2002 Scorpa, just not sure if it is a good investment or not. grtz, pHreaC
  13. pHreaC

    Scorpa sy250 2002-2008

    Has the scorpa evolved a lot over the last 6 years? I mean in ways a beginning trial-rider would notice. Is there a site that lists a history of changes made between model years for the sy250? thx, pHreaC
  14. pHreaC

    gytr flywheel piccies

    Just bought a gytr flywheel for the yz250. Is the gytr flywheel a standard flywheel with a ring welded on it? Someone out there who has got a piccie of this flywheel? grtz, pHreaC
  15. Just wondering, I was looking to get a heavier flywheel for my 07 yz250 and my eye fell on the GYTR flywheel (http://www.powerpartsplus.com/pages/catalogs/detail/26/200/400/5612/1/0/0/1/4/49/96/0/gytr-offroad-flywheel.aspx), but this flywheel seems to be for bikes from 03 through 06. As I went through the parts catalog, the flywheels of a stock yz do differ for an 06 and an 07 as does the whole generator assembly. My question is the following: does the GYTR flywheel fit the 07-yz250??? Please no guesses on this...I need to sure! grtz pHreaC