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  1. MXchick232

    any girls ride a 450 without electric start?

    i can kick start a 450...and im only 5'3 too. so u can do it just make sure u have enough leverage and itll just take some practice. u need to b able to start the bike on the ground w/o a stand just in case during a race or practice, u crash and u obviously wont have anything there to prop u up. u can do it, just practice
  2. MXchick232

    Any of you ladies start riding over 30?

    my mom started riding about 2 yrs after i did. She was 45. she started riding my old bike. a TTR125L she really likes it and i just got my own truck so the 2 of us can go riding together and not have to depend on a man! haha
  3. MXchick232

    not sure how to describe.private ?

    Ya u've got me correctly!! I disagree with what the others are saying about getting her a different bike because i understand u dont want to spend the money if she's going to ride acouple times a yr. I was "racking myself" on a 250F...i dont think it matters on the size of bike, i think its the body type and how rough the track or trails maybe. Try other things, like the pad idea, before going and buying a new bike. I went through the same problem, I toughened up but it took some time. I dont think getting a different bike will make it any different.
  4. MXchick232

    not sure how to describe.private ?

    Im not sure what my suggestion is exactly because i still hurt myself. i call it, "racking myself!" But i ride a 250F and almost everytime after i ride, im swollen and im extremely sore. Now my pt is...ive asked other women if they have the same issue and they dont. MAYBE its our body type, maybe not! But, does she wear anytime of padding?? I tried all sorts of things, from different comp shorts with crotch padding to...everytime i would ride, i used to a wear a thick pad to prevent from hurting. Now I dont have very many issues with hurting myself. i occasionally will hurt but its because ive been on a rough track. I dont know what to tell u, if u dont want to buy her a different bike and u think that bike is a good size for her to start, id stick with it, but she just might have to protect herself until she toughens up. i had to go through times of hurting and i'd hurt for the rest of the night after a long day of riding and alittle the next day. Good Luck!! Its tough being a woman!
  5. MXchick232

    Music while you ride

    I did find out from my dad, (who's a doctor) that listening to syphony music while riding or on ur way to go riding, inscreases ur performance. listening to that type of music gets certain brain waves to work and the waves that start moving are for concentration and memory.
  6. MXchick232

    '06 Yz250f

    I'm only 5'3" and my boyfriend as an '06 YZ250F and with his suspension done and with the riding he's already done it, since its broken in now, i can touch flat footed!!! and im short. on my '04, im on my tip toes.
  7. MXchick232

    favorite picture

    my fav. Another 1
  8. MXchick232

    Training Video...FUNNNY

    Here try this instead....Training Video and click on videos ad go to the training video in the left corner.
  9. Hey everyone. this is the 1st time ive ever posted anything on here and i just happened to look at motoxxx website today. This video is hilarious. It is about training for motocross. Training Video When you get to this page..click on videos and click on the video in the top left hand video and it says training in the corner...MAKE SURE UR SOUND IS ON!! I FIXED IT SO THIS LINK WORKS!!!!!!!! SO TRY IT AGAIN!!