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  1. Thanks. Ever ride Dunlop?
  2. What is a good Desert Tire for a 05 crf250r? So. Cal. Mojave stuff.
  3. Thanks Joe, I will give the two blips of throttle a try. Once the bike starts then all is good for the rest of the day. I sounds like a fuel thing.
  4. Its a Honda. How would I get the decomp out of wack? Its not phyically hard to start, just doesnt start easily. Thanks for all your help with this guys.
  5. So if I am out in the desert cold starting at about 40 degrees I should be giving it more fuel?
  6. I thought the Hot start was for just that. When the engine in already warmed up and you stall. So I should try using it on cold starts?
  7. Got it new and I have taken it out about 5 times now. And everytime it seems like it is harder to kick over. Does anyone have any tricks. Currently I don't give it any gas. Should I? Once its warmed up its usually fine. Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, but this is my firsy 4 stroke.How long does it take most folks?