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  1. Good Job Mancha! Chad
  2. I crashed January 28th, immediatly had surgury for a broken scaphoid, I still have a brace on. I was in a hard cast for 10 weeks. It sucks. It was a new bike 07 wr450, 181 miles on it.
  3. If you hold out for '08 you miss a whole year of riding a new bike. What is that worth?
  4. There is a plug in the small hose, not the larger one by the header. I think I need to just pull it off and plug it up. The carb is drilled out to get to the air/fuels screw its almost impossible to adjust without rotating the carb, will a aftermarket $20 screw fit in there.
  5. When I bought my 07 I had the service department handle the AIS and jetting, 50 and a 170. The service guy said that he plugged up the hoses but did not remove it. Does that work? It still pops bad on decel, is that the air/fuel screw or is the AIS not blocked off? Any ideas?
  6. I was in the exact same posistion last week and I went with the 07. No complaints.
  7. I dont think they fit.
  8. Scoot back.
  9. having only ridden a wr i just wanted to ask which bike x or wr is suited better for a taller rider?
  10. For riding in so cal. and baja which bike can handle the whoops better with out revalving the suspension? The larger tanks look wide on the X because they sit outside the frame. Can you still get foreward?
  11. wr 200s have a six speed and make great woods bikes
  12. Nope I am wrong i thought the tc had a different tank than the te. 2.4 gallons should get you 50+ Mi.
  13. Its so you dont need to ride with your mirror and DOT tires. In the dunes my paddle will rip off my plate because of the plate location but a 8 cup has yet to be DOT approved so the green sticker just to be safe.
  14. Get dual registration, Green sticker and a street license. Thats what I did for my bike in CA costs a little more but i dont need to be st legal in OHVs.