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  1. Acrustydemon

    videos like this should be removed

    I grew up in a small town in North East Ohio. Our subdivision was right next to a landfill/strip mine. It seemed like it was an unwritten rule that if you had a male child, that he had a dirt bike. On Saturday's, there could be 20 to 30 dirt bikes up there riding. Some of the most fun I can remember having was running from the police. Nobody ever got hurt and it was quite the rush. Eventually, the police realized that they couldn't catch us and that we weren't hurting anyone, and they just quit messing with us. I guess it's like anything else, it didn't seem as dangerous back then as it does now. During summer break, we would play outside till the wee hours of the morning and our parents were ok with that. Can't do that now days either.
  2. Acrustydemon

    East Canton Hillclimbing

    I grew up riding down in Canton South. Lived close to the dump on Deuber, rode there a lot. Used to ride down at Bear Creek some. Rode behind the trailer park in Magnolia, just off of 800. Rode a bunch in the Bolivar/Zoar area too. Never made it to Wellsville. Living in Georgia now, we ride a lot at Durhamtown. Check it out, www.durhamtown.com. Crusty
  3. Acrustydemon

    Enduro Alaska's latest video

    Great video, go ahead and pencil me in as "Bigwheel Productions" 3rd Biggest Fan, Ever! Having spent from 1985 to 1989 playing Army for Uncle Sam, I have seen a great deal of your huge state. From Donley Dome to Kodiak Island, I believe I've left no stone unturned. However, I never had the pleasure of seeing it from the seat of my ground pounding CRF 450X. I'll bet that springtime, when the first 3 feet of ground is mud, makes for some interesting times. Keep up the great work, I'll continue to examine the video section carefully for your latest updates, and should the Heaven and Seas part allowing me the oppertunity to visit "The Land of the Frozen Chosen" with my 4Fiddy, I definitely want to look ya'll up. Crusty
  4. Acrustydemon

    My silver CRF450 just about finished

    Looks good. I've been thinking about ordering the elsinore plastic for my 450x. Did you have to modify any of the plastic or did they just bolt right on? Crusty
  5. This, by far, is the best thread on TT. Some of the places that ya'll get to ride are amazing. I think my personal favorite is the dude from Utah on the first page. That's the kind of scenery that posters are made from. Utah has just moved to the top of my "list of places to ride before I kick the bucket." Crusty
  6. Acrustydemon

    Riding Naked

    Never rode naked, but I might as well have one day. About 15 years ago I had a 1986 Honda CR 500. I went riding one day and somehow the bike got a way from me during a wheelie. I took three GIGANTIC steps behind the bike before I was able to jump back on and save it. During those steps, I ripped the crotch completely out of my jeans. Wasn't long after that I decided that I'd had enough for one day and I rode back up the trail to the truck. The trail had a lot of holes and ruts so I was standing up. As I looked up the trail, here come about 5 ladies on horses, heading towards me. I politely waved to the ladies and they all smiled and waved back. Then it dawned on me, I'm feeling a draft! I looked down and.........yep there was the "Lil' Guy" hanging out:banana: ......getting some fresh air. Two thoughts crossed my mind. ....1) I'm glad that I had a full face helmet and goggles on so they couldn't see my face:blush: and 2) how fast can I get this bike loaded up and get out of here? What a day. Crusty
  7. Here's my 13 year old at Durhamtown here in Georgia. Crusty
  8. Acrustydemon

    Another Newb from GA

    I think that both Parks have a lot to offer. Hp, I feel, is more for the skilled rider, or the rider who wants to ride some challenging trails. Paul rates his trails like ski slopes using the diamond system, 1diamond-easy 5diamond-expert. Hp has about 28 different trails of various skill level, 1 gp style mx track, 1 pee wee track, 5 (?) rental cabins and Pauls wife cooks some awesome burgers and dogs. Something else that most people don't realize is that HP hasn't been open very long and Paul is doing all of the work himself. DP trails are generally wider and not as technically difficult, mostly because DP isn't in the mountains like HP. It's very easy to get 4th gear wide open. Once you ride DP, it's hard to go somewhere else because Mike has everything, a pro shop, mess hall, factory trained mechanics, 6 mx tracks, 2 pee wee tracks, 1 bmx bicycle track, cabin and rv rentals, horseback riding, bike and 4wheeler rentals and most importantly.....ems on site to handle any medical emergencies. Mike has been open a long time and he's constantly adding things. I guess things are a little more personal at HP. I've had Paul work on my bike before and Paul leads "adventure rides" quite frequently. Both parks are great, if you want to be challenged......HP. If you want high speed trails, not really technical.......DP. Go to georgiaoffroad.com and check out what people have to say about both places. Crusty
  9. Acrustydemon

    Another Newb from GA

    Hey All, New here, just sold my CR for a CRF 4fiddy X. Mine is an '05 model. So far, I really like it. It's a little heavy for the tight trails, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I got a 13 year old boy who rides a CRF 250 R. We ride mostly at Durhamtown and Highland Park. I like the private parks where the trails are all one way, much safer. We're wanting to branch out to Tenn. and Alabama and try some places there. Any recommendations? I'm in Acworth, off of Wade Green rd. Scott McConnell AKA "Crusty" ps. OLDMAN, .....I'm not putting up any pictures of myself, I saw what ya'll did to ssswingarm.
  10. Acrustydemon

    Hello from GA

    He must live somewhere in metro atlanta because the first picture he posted of his bike was taken at Highland Park and the second picture is at Durhamtown. Crusty
  11. Acrustydemon

    Possible clutch problems

    Changed out the steel plates, new tranny oil, adjusted clutch and she runs great. Crusty
  12. Acrustydemon

    new 450x what fitst?

    Shane, to to Georgia Offroad and check in with MX Tuner. He setup my 450x and it screams. He does excellent work and he's very inexpensive. Crusty
  13. Acrustydemon

    Possible clutch problems

    I didn't use the energy conserving Mobil1. Someone told me about the oil ratings. I did notice that the oil that I drained looked a little "grey". I've checked the antifreeze, no noticable difference in the coolant level, so I don't think that I have a coolant leak. I guess I just need to take it to my mechanic and have him check it out. Crusty
  14. Acrustydemon

    Possible clutch problems

    Hey All, New 450x owner here and I have a clutch question. When I go to let out the clutch to start moving, the bike really jumps forward then stops then jumps then stops etc. I had an '01 CR 250R before I bought this 2005 CRF 450X. When I test rode the X, it didn't jump when I let the clutch out. Here's what I have done...... I changed the trans oil and put in Mobil1 5w50 and it still jumps. Then I drained the trans oil and removed and inspected the clutch plates....everything looks fine. Is this "jumping" normal for the X? Anyone else have this problem with their X? Thanks, Crusty