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  1. The guy before me ran vp110.. I ran 93pump... When I pulled my motor apart I had deposits all over the back of them... As a matter of fact... I got a pic: Mike
  2. I'm honestly hoping that's not it... I can't afford to buy anything else... Another 4 hours playing with the carb when i get back from el paso... Then maybe... well Hell, I have no idea ... Mike
  3. Thank you... Mike
  4. Did it run decent when it was started? Mike
  5. I haven't had the slide out of the carb... the vent line isn't even hooked up... I really appreciate the help... I'm completely lost... Mike
  6. bump... Mike
  7. I swap plugs evertime we let it cool down... I've cleaned it like 20 times.. not to mention replacing the jets.. I'm new the the FCR carb.. thinking my float is off level or something.. I'm not real sure how to tell that... I've checked the connections... no intake leaks b/c I take my intake setup off when we messed with the pilots... never had the carb off the bike so it's IMPOSSIBLE that the linkage, connections etc... are messed up.. it seems like it's flooding out when it dies.. seeing as how you have to start it with the gas off and hot start.. Mike
  8. Ok here's the rundown: Ported/polished '03 crf450 motor THE STOCK FCR CARB Sparks pipe, uni- no airbox I just got my quad back together today and after 5 hours of headache I have minimil progress.. When/if it starts it will stay lit for a good 5 mins.. then it like floods out (sputters.. slightly cuts out and dies)... Then you have to wait a good 30 mins then hot start and kick it 30 times to get it to light... Scott was nice enough to drive 50 miles to help me out... it took his magic foot to get it to even fire... I'm 95% sure that it's carb related...Here's what we have been through: Checked timing/valves/torque specs at least 10 times I have spark b/c it's runs and when it runs it runs good until it dies Tried 55 pilot, 45 pilot, 42 pilot... got better with each drop but still nothing even close to acceptable Fuel screw 2 turns out... Idle somewhere around 1300 Haven't touched my needle I am completely stumped.... Like I said, it takes a good 25 kicks to get it to fire off.. it runs too smooth when it starts for it to be internal... I'm sorry for the book but I tried to cover everything.. I don't know what else to do... Mike
  9. I wouldn't take a dremel or anything to that effect to my motor if you paid me... As of right now... one valve cover grommet is keeping me from firing it up ... Mike
  10. Will do...If I can ever get this thing fired ... Mike
  11. Thanks Jimbo... There is definately not any gobs left... Maybe a dab or three... About the polishing.. that is just my bunk camera... My exhaust is smooooooth....
  12. From reading the descriptions.... I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and say they're talking about what I call VALVE KEEPERS... Mike
  13. Those sports are already established... All we are is loud and scary to your average yuppie.... Mike
  14. I wiped a little of it... I didn't polish anything though ... It's been kicked over about 60 times without starting.... You think it's a big enough deal that I should bust it down? I changed my oil already and it looked like that stuff was in there (oil was creamy looking)... Mike
  15. Larger front sprocket... Smaller rear sprocket... Correct me if i'm wrong but a 220lb bike with 48hp should be able to lug a gear or two... Did you come off a 2-smoke? Mike