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  1. brrrruce

    West Coast Supermoto First Race Class !

    Hey there #246, Yep , I think it's my hole shot . I'll be checking in today or tomorrow. what a blast....... Sincerely, #790
  2. Boys and Girls, I received my first dose of supermoto yesterday at Stockton.Needless to say Darrick and his fellow instructors were awsome! My advice to anybody considering getting lnto this sport- take a class with these guys.Not only great instruction for riding technique but also bike set up. Super awsome day. I plan on signing up for their advanced school soon. Cheers. Bruce
  3. brrrruce

    Show your moto!

    my crf supermoto
  4. brrrruce

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    two pics http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=3066901&noquote=1#
  5. brrrruce

    06 crf 250 r mods for supermoto......

    Go to the crf 250 r section of the forum( loof for crf pics thread.).
  6. brrrruce

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    Check it out mannn........ http://homepage.mac.com/brucejohnsontile/PhotoAlbum2.html
  7. brrrruce

    06 crf 250 r mods for supermoto......

    Stand by I'll give you my homepage address with some pics. My avatar may be a little too small.
  8. brrrruce

    Pics of your CRF 250's

  9. brrrruce

    06 crf 250 r mods for supermoto......

    No worries, I was able to fit 4.25 rim with Dunlop 160 mil slick...oh baby looks good , fits just right.
  10. brrrruce

    Newbie to supermoto conversion

    Check it out motostrano.com. I just dropped a cool $ 2000 on their club racer kit for my crf. looks like fun is just around the corner............
  11. brrrruce

    Anyone know what's up with SMUSA?

    oi,go to supermotousa.com. They are running a intro class this 27th Feb @ the Dixon track.
  12. brrrruce

    o6 crf 250r reaqr tire set up

    Thanks Fred
  13. brrrruce

    o6 crf 250r reaqr tire set up

    Hey , does anybody have some rear wheel/tire set up info for supermoto ? I'm in the process of investing in a new 06 , and want to dial in the right set up. Cheers Bruce
  14. I'm about to invest in a new crf 250 r and use it for both dirt and supermoto. I'm taking ideas for hooking it up for supermotard. Motostrano in Redwood city have a decent club racer kit that I'm thinking of.