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  1. My dad just bought the titanium Q2 for his 250rfs, said it helped the power, but you know the rfs... its slower than a 50. I am thinking about getting one for my sxf because its really loud stock, I tihnk it will not change the power really at all.
  2. KTM136

    Sprocket size

    If you have an RFS, I would leave it stock or maybe go up one or two (depending on the riding your doing). If its the SXF, I'd go to a 48 in the rear.
  3. KTM136

    250sx's top speed?

    The 250sx has about 47 hp and does 71 mph (stock)
  4. KTM136

    What chain for 250SXF?

    Buy the MSR Regina O-Ring. It is around $70 retail. Also get the tri-metal rear sproket from the KTM Hardparts. The chain will last forever, and the sproket will last for 2 countershaft sprokets.
  5. KTM136

    Auto clutch on my 05 KTM450SX

    Today I just bought a 250 sxf. My dad was talking about getting one, but I heard about the same problem... cant really clutch it right off bottom. If this is the case then im not going to buy one.
  6. KTM136

    My first ever ride on a KTM/SXF

    I have an 06 125sx and today i just picked up an 05 sxf. I have only ridden it in my yard, but the bike rips. Let it break in for at least 5 hours and it will rev really well. My dad seems to have changed his mind... says he wants me to ride the 06 instead. Anyways, i love the bike as well, I will be gone for a week starting this friday to go try it out at some tracks all over. The only problem that I have with mine is that it is very very loud.
  7. KTM136

    Possible new owner needs opinions

    The MXC has a wide ratio tanny, if your going high speeds (like 70), get the mxc. The exc is a close ratio and will not do as high of speeds as the mxc.