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  1. My dad just bought the titanium Q2 for his 250rfs, said it helped the power, but you know the rfs... its slower than a 50. I am thinking about getting one for my sxf because its really loud stock, I tihnk it will not change the power really at all.
  2. If you have an RFS, I would leave it stock or maybe go up one or two (depending on the riding your doing). If its the SXF, I'd go to a 48 in the rear.
  3. The 250sx has about 47 hp and does 71 mph (stock)
  4. Buy the MSR Regina O-Ring. It is around $70 retail. Also get the tri-metal rear sproket from the KTM Hardparts. The chain will last forever, and the sproket will last for 2 countershaft sprokets.
  5. Today I just bought a 250 sxf. My dad was talking about getting one, but I heard about the same problem... cant really clutch it right off bottom. If this is the case then im not going to buy one.
  6. I have an 06 125sx and today i just picked up an 05 sxf. I have only ridden it in my yard, but the bike rips. Let it break in for at least 5 hours and it will rev really well. My dad seems to have changed his mind... says he wants me to ride the 06 instead. Anyways, i love the bike as well, I will be gone for a week starting this friday to go try it out at some tracks all over. The only problem that I have with mine is that it is very very loud.
  7. The MXC has a wide ratio tanny, if your going high speeds (like 70), get the mxc. The exc is a close ratio and will not do as high of speeds as the mxc.