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  1. im pretty sure you can put a blow-off valve on anything that is turbo-charged. and if i do turbo my sm im gonna put a super-sequential b.o.v so itll be VERY loud.
  2. I FOUND IT!!! i found a perfect turbo for the DRZ http://www.turbobygarrett.com/turbobygarrett/catelog/Turbochargers/GT12/GT1241_756068__1.htm its a Garrett GT1241 turbo...its made for a 0.4 liter engine which is 400cc!! it says perfect for motorcycles too!!
  3. also, my brother said if I couldn't find a small enough turbo i could use a little bit of nitrous to spool a bigger turbo, but that would be kinda dumb
  4. That is the reason for the 1-2-1 split header, thanks to Aaron_Silidker for that suggestion.
  5. That is a REALLY good idea...thanks for that man wow
  6. damn, what size is that turbo? thanks, i thinking about it alot
  7. Has anybody EVER thought about boosting a super-motard? turbo-charging that is. some of you might think this is dumb and a waste of a good bike but my friend owner of Central Florida Performance said he could custom make a very small turbo kit for my DRZ400-SM. I'm not talking about alot of boost, maybe 2-4 psi. Im pretty sure nobody has done this but i bet some have thought about it. Im not a hardcore super-moto person at all i like my bike and i just want to do something that has probably never been done before. The bike would be intercooled if turbo'd
  8. DRZ400SMowns

    DRZ400E what do you need to make it street legal?

    oh ok thanks, Ill let him know... What does he need for the eletrical stuff?
  9. my friend is thinking about buying this old DRZ400E at the local KTM store (proline motorsports) for $3,000. He wants to make it a super-moto like mine but first he needs to make it street legal. What all does he need to make it completely street legal and what does he need to make it an SM and how much do you think all of that would cost?
  10. DRZ400SMowns

    Yosi pipe ?

    i got the S model yoshimua RS-3 stainlees steel
  11. DRZ400SMowns

    New SM rider on TT

    Welcome! I know just how you are feeling, I didnt know about this site until after I bought my 05 SM and it made me do so much to my bike its not even funny, I've already spent hundreds on just mods and so have about every other person on this forum. Have fun on your bike by the way!
  12. DRZ400SMowns

    IMS 4.2 gallon tank for SM

    Yeah I knew it would be real big but this was the only tank I could find that was available at the time, If I get tired of it I'll just buy another when I get enough money.
  13. DRZ400SMowns

    IMS 4.2 gallon tank for SM

    I just purchased the IMS 4.2 gallon tank for my 2005 SM. Should this tank fit on no problem in the same location as the stock 2.6 gallon tank? Is the bigger tank really that much bigger?
  14. DRZ400SMowns

    drz top speed.whats yours??

    My 05 SM with K&N airfilter and modified stock exhaust would do about 102 mph, I weigh 135 pounds so I think that helps, I just got my Yoshimura RS-3 on so ill see if that made any difference and ill post it.
  15. DRZ400SMowns

    What size sprockets give you better top-end

    oh ok then I guess I will jus leave the gearing alone... I dont want to go any slower lol umm i dont think I have hit the revlimiter in 5th yet becuase everytime I try to top it out I run out of road