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  1. floyd128

    2006 motocross of nations

    You will be too close to Amsterdam to pass up. I think its about a 1 Hr flight.
  2. floyd128

    pro riders

    5'11 is skinny. Likely to break in half if you crash too often.
  3. Is the rim lock properly installed?
  4. floyd128

    uncertain:japanese vs chinese

    Be a responsible world citizen. Avoid chinese products whenever possible. At least until they put their currency on the world market.
  5. floyd128

    Sunstar? WTF?

    I can't even remember the last time a bought a dirt bike that didn't come stock with sunstar sprokets.
  6. A good thing about spending some time on a 125 is that you learn to maintain your momentum. You can get lazy on a larger bike because it can power you out of trouble. Maybe a track has a large jump close to a turn. You may have to rail the turn leading into the jump to make it on a 125, whereas a larger bike can make the jump no matter what you corner speed is.
  7. floyd128

    Im tired of AMA Pro Racing!

    What about State and Federal laws? I thought the whole 4-stroke push was because 2-stroke were going to be outlawed completely. If fact, I thought we were nearing the end of the phase out period. Much like the complete demise of 2-stroke street bikes.
  8. Hey Dufus, As doctors, experience riders etc. Slow speed crashes cause more broken bones.
  9. Just go faster. High speed crashes result in tumbling, which result in scratches. Slow speed crashes result in sticking into the dirk like a dart, which results in something breaking.
  10. floyd128

    What would happen if...

    Normally maybe just the lower 1/4 of the clutch is in oil. Sideway the entire clutch would be bathing in oil and cause churning of the oil, and that might produce some drag on the motor.
  11. floyd128

    What would happen if...

    Also, depending on which side. Clutch up. I would expect a dry clutch to burn up, and have the throw bearing fail. Maybe even oil leaks out the counter sproket. Clutch down might rob the engine of power. Tranny bearings on the top side of the engine will go dry.
  12. floyd128

    What would happen if...

    I would expect a main bearing failure. The crank depends on oil running down the cylinder and into the bearings.
  13. floyd128

    stupid psi question

    12 -14 psi. I reinflate at 12 back to 14. Anything below 12 and you risk flats.
  14. floyd128

    Not adjusting well

    Mondays while I am at work (west coast). I just program "Motorcycle Racing" into my DVR and I never miss a race.
  15. floyd128

    Big Ben

    Exactly. It called "culling of the heard", and we need more of it.