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  1. Kawasaki

    I put a recluse in my wifes 400 ,the problem I'am having is that it has a hard time shifting when I'am getting on it ??? it has been in the shop several times do to the poor instulation ,the shop seems to have it right this time ,clutch feels good and shifts fine as long as you are not stomping on it?? the 400 is a 06 I put a rev max box ,2 brothers pipe and k&n filter ,not sure if performance parts are effecting the shift point ???? :bonk:
  2. I have pictures but not sure how to post from PDF any help?????
  3. no damage /dent I do have a powercore slip-on my welder buddy said that titanium is a bad metal for pipes they do dispurse heat good but they expand way to much
  4. this happened this weekend ,it was 45 degrees and dry ,I was on sand wide open for about 20 sec when boom ,I thought I trashed my motor ,extreamly loud ,,dealer said to bad ,,but we will sell you a new mega bomb for 300$ what a racket
  5. sweet !!!
  6. yes that is what I meant ,lots of activity were Iam at, sorry!!!
  7. Villopoto had a great show ,the kid is strong and hes banging bars w/ the best !!! give him a year to mature..I believe he will dominate the class some day ,also he will have to compete against Langstrom and Strong when they make the move ,anyway in the meantime the top 3 will give us a great show this year!!providing no one gets hurt..
  8. bubba looked real good in the 2nd heat with a 20 sec. gap to bad for the hang up in the 1st turn in the main if he would'nt of lost 16 sec. it would of been a hell of a race Ricky was looking good ,he looks like hes ready to race..oh yeah how about McGraph ,how many more races do you think he will hang out for
  9. if you plan on riding there you better bring your extra large nuts!!!!!!!!!
  10. that thing is sweet !! I've just ordered my graphics yesterday ... Bling Bling ..
  11. riverdale is a great track also !!up by tuttle !! longview is having a poker run on new years day if your not hung
  12. it is the best bike ever !! get rid of the stock chain before you ride it .
  13. I just got mine !! Kaw is offering great promos right now %5.9 for 2 year payments of only $56.00 and after 2 year % only goes up to %9.
  14. you all seem to be forgetting radiator brackets !!!! a must 54.00$ will save you 250.00$ per side