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  1. If they Look at it the way I Do... The Way I Ride I need All the Help I can get... hehehe Larry
  2. Cool I live in Kaw city Okla.. Im looking for a original front fender for my tl125, any chance he has one laying around.. dont want to put new repro fender on it when it is all original. email me at larrythewrench@hotmail.com thanks larry
  3. I have two Tl 250s and need carb, seat pan, air box, side covers and exaust to have 2 running bikes.. still have any parts???
  4. hey, Im one of them old fat guys, ive had my 75'Tl 250 for 4 months. im 43yrs old, 5'8" and 240lbs.. i practice in my yard 1 hr a nite..have various obstacles, a few large rocks,a log, etc. practice turning, and balancing, Practice, practice, practice, is the Key.. my interest in trials began in 1980, also had Harley, dirt biking went to the wayside, decided to learn trials and im 4 mo. into it.. really like it. three things i practice are, FOCUS,balance, and throttle/clutch control. the rest should come naturally. Good luck Larry
  5. Thanks, I would be interested in the lowerend, Iwill have to check on shipping prices. I live in kaw city oklahoma (Ponca CIty)Thanks Larry
  6. Hello, Im new to thumpertalk. I am a hardcore 4stroke fan. I have always ridden Honda thumpers, I own a 75 and 76 TL 250 and a 83 ATC big red. for street I enjoy riding my 76 FLH Harley Davidson, Ive ridden Motorcycles for 34 years. just got back into offroad a few months back. really Like the Vintage Trials. Larry DAWG
  7. I started riding a 59 ducatI in 1971. too much bike for 9 yr. old, traded for honda trail 50. wore out 2 Honda xr 75s, then XL 250 and now after 20 yr break I have two TL 250s a 75 and 76. Im always in search of parts for them. really enjoy riding vintage trials bikes.
  8. Hello, I have a 75 and 76 Honda TL 250, I am in need of gasket sets,a carburetor and sprockets. Anyone know where I can find them?? Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks Larry Miller