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  1. i have an 06 yz125 and run a regina o ring chain. no loss in power . awesome chains!
  2. i would not even consider removing the hardware unless it gives you some trouble. i have more hardware than that on my right clavicle that i broke about 5 years ago. 2 years after i broke it, i had another crash and broke the same clavicle. the area with the hardware did was not affected at all. it broke in a different spot that time, and the doc let it heal without surgery. good luck to you! you wont feel it in a few months!
  3. i have brand new stock 2006 yz125 renthals i will sell for $40. email me at
  4. Hello all! My 4 year old is ready to get a bike. He loves my Anniversary Yellow YZ250F and is set on a yellow bike himself. I am partial to the TTR50 and will not buy a suzuki just for the yellow. Does anyone know of a yellow plastic kit or yellow graphics kit for an 06 TTR50? thanks so much! Chris