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  1. Skills and lots of time in the saddle.
  2. We have owned a 99 yz 125 since new and use it only for offroad and never once have we fouled a plug. The bike is stock except a 12t front and 50t rear sprocket. Even the jetting is stock.
  3. I work in a bike shop and its funny how the salesmen totally steer women to the 150,230 ttr125. Poor girls
  4. I have a 01 yz125, and I LOVE it!!!!! We always go riding in really technical spots and for a long time I was the only one with a 2 stroke. Every time we went out all the lazy people(4 strokers) would putt up the hills and through the tight trees with the rutted out roots across them while I screamed my bike thinking "ugh I wish I had a crf250, it would be so much easier!" Well one day i got the oportunity to test ride a 06 crf250, I thought I was in heaven. I went up to the bottom of a hill that I would never try on my bike and debated until the last moment and then just went for it . the bike went up there like nothing. I brought my bike that day aswell because I wanted to ride them back to back. So I got on my bike and I couldn't believe how much fun it was. I will never ever trade my bike, all you have to do is set the bike up to suit your riding abilitys and style. four strokes don't even compare. The sound, feel, FUN of them-they are incredible.