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  1. slo3933

    what to do...

    I'm thankful I met you guys and now have an awesome group of ladies to ride with. Until I rode with YamaMama and the crew, I had never ridden with other women!!
  2. slo3933

    Airfilter in washer?

    I've been washing my Moose air filters that were oiled with No Toil (using No Toil cleaner) in the washing machine for about a month. It seems to get the filters much cleaner than when I do it by hand and I haven't noticed any wear. I don't use the dryer though, I just set them on the workbench in the garage over night. I haven't noticed any residue in the washer. Being a chick I don't have to worried about a wife getting enraged about filters in the washer (just don't tell my boyfriend ) Stacey
  3. slo3933

    motorcycle books

    That sounds like Lois on the Loose...great book!! If you get a chance check out Red Tape, White Knuckles she rides from Scotland to South Africa. She's such a funny writer!!
  4. slo3933

    motorcycle books

    I just finished Kicking Up Dirt and enjoyed it. Are you interested in dirtbike books only or motorcycles in general? I tour a lot on my street bike and really enjoyed both of Lois Pryce's books (Lois on the Loose and Red Tape, White Knuckles). I also really enjoyed Karen Larsen's Breaking the Limit. Glenn Heggstad's Two Wheels Through Terror and One More Day Everywhere are both not bad either (some parts you have to wade through but for the most part interesting). Stacey
  5. slo3933

    Wanting to ride on the 16th (Lincoln Hills)

    Just wondering if you all were planning on riding Evart tomorrow and if so what time. I haven't been to Evart in a long time (not a trail I'm comfortable riding without others). I'm not the fastest chick but I don't usually hold things up too much.
  6. slo3933

    Boot Comparison

    When I first started riding, I picked up some women's Fox boots...never again. I blew them up in less than 6 months, I just don't think with their plastic buckles and construction they were made for an aggressive rider. So far I'm VERY happy with the Gaerne's that were suggested by dirt dutchess. I feel a lot more in control than I did with my Tech 6's cause I can actually work the rear brake and the toebox is a bit slimmer for operating the shifter (plus for me the buckle system is much easier to use).
  7. I like the way you think...I would have to add a bigger garage to that list as well
  8. slo3933

    Boot Comparison

    Just got my GX1's after a bit of a delay due to a mixup, they are great!! They seem fairly stiff laterally but I can walk in them (mowed the lawn in them the day I got them) and the toe box has a much lower profile which makes shifting alot easier. Also, I don't have to perform a voodoo ritual to get the buckles closed . I'm looking forward to putting them through the paces this weekend!! Thanks again for the suggestion.
  9. slo3933

    best place to order parts online??

    This is the second time I've ordered from bikebandit.com and I'm definitely not impressed with the shipping...ordered last Friday, still hasn't shipped (same experience with my last order).
  10. slo3933

    What bike for a short girl?(85 or 125)

    Can you get like a KX100 or RM100 over there? I started on a CRF150F (very heavy) and I'm now on a KX100 (nice and light) with a flywheel weight and I'm immensely happy with the switch (I'm 5'4")!! The seat height is 34" (864 mm) and Kouba links makes a lowering link that will take it down 1 3/4" (44 mm) still a little taller than the 790mm but you could shave the seat etc. Good luck with your bike search!!
  11. slo3933

    KX100 Fun?

    I've had my KX100 for a couple of months now and use it strictly for woods (hare scrambles, enduros) and coming from a CRF150F I couldn't be happier!! With real suspension and the fact that it's significantly lighter (and easier to start) I'm having a lot more fun and becoming a better rider leaps and bounds over what I learned on the CRF (plus I'm alot less exhausted by the KX100). I did throw a 10 oz. flywheel weight on it which took a bit of the hit and helped on the low end...still rips!! Stacey
  12. slo3933

    Boot Comparison

    You are the best!! I had seen those in the Tucker catalog but didn't look into them further as the catalog only carries them down to a 6. Looks like there is a set of 5's on Ebay for a very good price...thanks a bunch!! Off to go buy some boots
  13. slo3933

    Boot Comparison

    Man, I would love some SG-10's but unfortunately they don't go down to a small enough size, same with the Sidi Crossfires. My boyfriend works at a shop so I can order Sidis, Gaernes, A*, etc at an ok price through them, but finding some to check out in person...that's another story (he works at a BMW shop-very few off road oriented boots)!! I wish the Sidis were small enough...on the street I wear Sidi Jasmines and my mt. bike shoes are 10 yr old Sidis that still are in great shape!! I will say, the Tech 6's have been great for protection, just not very functional protection
  14. slo3933

    Boot Comparison

    Hi ladies, I know boots have been done over and over again so I'm sorry, just having trouble finding answers addressing my specific question. I just got back into riding after a several year hiatus and I'm wearing some three season old Alpinestars Tech 6's in a men's 5 (I typically wear a women's 6.5 in shoes). The Tech 6's even though they have been worn extensively for the three seasons are still so incredibly stiff I'm having trouble with controls and I'm getting very chewed up feet. I've been considering Tech 7's, Tech 3 Stellas and the older Tech 6 Stellas but after reading some reviews I'm even more confused on which route to go. Are the Stella boots huge in the calf? I have a fairly skinny, high calf that fits fine into men's boots. Also, are they really narrow in the toebox...though my feet are small, I have a wide forefoot and narrow heels (makes finding shoes a blast ). As for the Tech 7's do they break in well, or will it be a similar situation to my Tech 6's, still too stiff? I recently tried to purchase some Sidi Stingers but they company emailed back and said they were no longer available...that would have been a perfect boot!! Oh, and I pretty much only ride trails with a few hare scrambles and enduros thrown in. Thanks in advance for your help!! Stacey
  15. slo3933

    How many pray before they ride?

    That was beautiful!!