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  1. Tried many different ratios what is best for me is going to 13/49 or 48 depending on track however the 49 works best with a 120 rear tire as the 110 with the 49 does spin more
  2. i took some oil out of the forks and set the pressure around 144 with clickers pretty far out as well, the stock set up would not even get close to bottoming until i took some oil out...not a lot, then i had race tech do them and they are firm but work well
  3. Look, I have had all of the KTM options. Recently the 16 FE450, but previously I've had 350's, 250's, other 450's and 300's over the years. I sold the 16 fe after 30 hours. I currently have the 17sxf350. It is all in what you want out of riding. The fe450 was boring fast, the 350 once geared better is much more responsive and fun to ride...If that is your goal. You may be able to tourque a lil better in some areas on the 450, but the newer 350's are very fast and light. Most of my 450 buddies, advanced, intermediate or novice all think they would rather have bought the 350, we are talking vet guys 30 plus expert to novice.
  4. fish10

    2016 SXF 350 Gearing

    before you cut the chain, try the 13 with your stock 50, see if you like the pull, 50 is a bit much for moto but it brings 3rd and 4th into the mix, 13/47 is close to stock
  5. fish10

    2016 SXF 350 Gearing

    Seems as the best for me has been 13/49 or 13/48 on more open tracks, I tried adding 1 or 2 teeth to rear on stock front but it just seems better 13/49 I'm 215 lbs tho
  6. Demo mode on the registration unlock? mine ran for 5 seconds at a time until they figured it out.
  7. yep, had the 15 350 and the 16 fe450, now 17 350.....wont go back , the 17 is more compact, seems motor/suspension and handling are better, but that can be subjective....but they are better, the 15 motor was solid and dependable, the new one is awful quick...seems like everyone i let ride the 17 comes away wanting one. i think you do have to gear it and set it up...but no question the best fit for me and most, you will ride harder and longer and smile a lot more
  8. fish10

    '17 450SXF Gearing Too Tall?

    13/50 is good but a lot of engine braking, 3 teeth is way too much....13/49 or 50 is good for this bike, stock is great on some tracks for me
  9. Speedboot, looks like I owe you a beer next time you're near Pittsburgh so far they found the clutch housing bearing with one needle missing they don't think there's any damage but they're still going to split the rest of the cases
  10. Should know by tomorrow or Wednesday
  11. I guess everything is in context speedboat, I am a loyal customer who has owned over 20 ktms since 1997, they trust that I am legit and fairly competent, whatever happens we will work it out, it's what responsible people do. I did suggest that the clutch housing be checked first as per your suggestion
  12. Good information speedboot I appreciate that.KTM has responded and feels it is from a needle bearing or it could have fallen in on assembly they gave me two options ride the bike and see what happens or have my dealer disassemble find out the issue to prevent a catastrophic failure which of course is the way I'll go
  13. only pulled the screen under the shift lever and looked ok, just going to wait for ktms response, i have racked my brain on the possibility of me picking this up externally but there just isnt a way it could have happened
  14. yes of course i thought of that, i place a cardboard 4X4 sheet down under the bike when oil changing, there isnt any situation where a needle could have been present to stick on the magnet, i just dont have needle bearings around, it had been explained to me how it could happen and eventually the motor or bearing would seize, it could have happened on assembly or simply fell in at the factory, at this point what would you do? would you be comfortable doing what we do on these things? i have had at least 20 ktms since 1997, i wish i would wake up and say oh yea i set the drain plug near some random parts bin, but i dont have anything like that at all.
  15. the roller is 2 mm x 8 mm, ktm is researching for that part in the motor but said that it could be a gasket guide pin, which i dont see those anywhere on the engine parts fiche, plus the gasket pins are all around 4mm in diameter not 2. ....so yes it probably is from one of the inner bearings...question is what will they do?