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  1. Frank Zona

    TE 610 in Dirt Rider

    Husky corp. is hard to understand. It wouldnt take much effort from them to get a ton of publicity. Loan a bike to this and that magazine. It seems to me that they should be bursting with pride over this product and should strike while it is hot. Does anyone think that soon one of the big 4 Japanese might make a modern dualsport? Seems Husky isnt worried.
  2. Frank Zona


    Too bad they kept the race seat on it instead of designing a dual sport seat. Frank 2006 TE610
  3. Frank Zona

    06 TE 610 suddenly dies????

    I almost cant believe that an open ground back at the end of the bike will keep my 2006 TE610 from starting. Frank
  4. Frank Zona

    Fuel Efficiency of the TE-610..Stock

    te610 -06 stock just got 88 miles out of 2.4 gallons of crap california gas. lots of spirited stop and go frank
  5. Frank Zona

    Lets play fantasy CEO

    make the te610 seat more comfortable. it is not a race bike. it should not have a race saddle. frank
  6. Frank Zona

    TE 610 Charging

    the upper left green light on my 06 te610 also flashes every few minutes - I have checked the wireing and it is fine. there is some type of design flaw because sooo many 610s have this little annoyance. I have seen people talk about this for over a year. BTW My bikes passing lamp did not work when I got it and when I checked that wire I saw that the passing light was not connected. Seem to be not a problem.
  7. Frank Zona

    de smogging a 610

    Another inexpensive but worthwhile mod is to change the plug. I went from a 7 to a 9. Frank 06 TE 610
  8. Frank Zona

    TE-610 Shifter loosening issue...

    Thanks for this important heads up guys. The bolt to tighted the shifter was a little loose on mine too. I snugged it almost a quarter turn. -Frank 06 te610 with about 2300 miles.
  9. Frank Zona

    Need riding advice

    buy one of those DeLorme map books of southern california. Go check out where Charles Manson used to hide out. Or the Husky burial monument. north of Barstow and Panamint Range ETC -Frank
  10. Frank Zona

    610 Clutch Cable

    I have been seeing this happen on this web sight to several others. I just oiled mine along with an inspection. When I bought my 610 the cables were a jumbled mess so I had the dealer rearrange them so that they were just like the picture in the owners manual. I have 2100 miles and I think that UPTITE may soon have a heavy duty cable and will get one at the valve adjustment tune up from George. Frank
  11. Frank Zona

    Te 610 impressions

    I like the Pirelli MT 21 but that is just an old habit. They are better both on ,off road. Plus last twice as long.IMO. The other guys here might know of the latest greatest tires for your needs. But they are a perfect compromise for me. Frank
  12. Frank Zona

    Te 610 impressions

    It will plow less in washes when you change out the Karoos it came with. I must tell you of the rather 2 weak bolts that hold the footpegs. Some fellow sheared one on this sight. He was doing jumps like you. I replaced mine with harder stock and make sure they are tight. Frank 2006 te610
  13. Frank Zona

    Airhawk or Sheepskin?

    Buffallodan, Thanks for reminding me about Barb. I sent Her an EMAIL and will likely go that way. Frank 2006 te610
  14. Frank Zona

    Airhawk or Sheepskin?

    I am going to buy either an Airhawk saddle cushion or an Aerostitch sheepskin saddle pad. Does anyone give these products two thumbs up? I do not race my te610 of course but after going across mountain and valley I usually take the highway home and must sit. TIA -frank in s. calif.
  15. Frank Zona

    Anyone been to Moto Forza in SD?

    I bought an 06 te610 from the Forza guys but this was before they moved from Oceanside. They make good every detail. I asked them to reroute the cables so as to match the picture in the owners manual and they did.- Along with other minor things. I would buy from them again but, since they are farther away now I would go and see if George at Uptite on Dyer in Santa Ana had what you might want . Frank -Mission Viejo