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  1. gunnut

    sprockets "n" tires

    Im doing the same thing with an 05 I just got. I want to be fire road and trail ready. I just got a set of Perelli 521's. The rear is actually a little wider at 130. It fills up the swing arm real nice without any clearance issues. I plan on putting on a 14 tooth front sprocket and give that a whirl for a while.. I'm only trying to get better use of second for now. If it's not enough then I will look at a bigger rear..
  2. gunnut

    Tach for dr650

    I've just started to ride a DR.. I bought an 05 with 2200 miles for Christmas Anyway.. I keep making little improvments to make it more dirtable and as it is I dont look at the speedo.. I'm looking at the trail (not the rut) up ahead and am so dang busy I couldn't possibly look at a tach. What is the RPM range for this bike anyway? That little tiny tach need injector lines to pic up a signal from.. any other ideas?
  3. gunnut

    Pulling the charcoal canister..

    Cool! Thanks! I'll put a length of hose leading it out the back .. I have to extend the vent hose anyway so is will drip down the back. Thanks Again!
  4. gunnut

    Pulling the charcoal canister..

    I have an 05 dr650se that I just pulled the charcoal cannister off of. I was going to leave it but I got tired of haveing to open the gas cap to restart the bike. Anyway what does the carborator purge line do? Should it be capped off or run to the rear to allow some kinda overflow? It doesn't seem to have any vacuum on it. The bike runs perfect without it on. Thanks!
  5. gunnut

    DR 650 SE cutting out

    Is the filter screen on your petcock dirty? My friends DRZ 400 came from the factory with crud in the tank and had the same issue till he pulled it out and cleaned it.
  6. gunnut

    How would you buy a used DR650?

    I just bought an 05 with 2200 miles on it and it had a pipe and jet.. Now I added a skid plate and am looking at tanks and tires and sprockets.
  7. gunnut

    Any body need an xtra wheel?

    I could be very interested. I just bought a 05 DR and have been talking about gettting a spare set of wheels. I have a couple of buddies that work in the motorcycle industry, I'll give them a call and see if I can get the stablizer. If you get a better offer before I find out please do take it.