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  1. crewcab

    Lets see some pics of your honda quads

    Here is my 06 Monster Energy 400ex. Just added the carbon fiber warning label covers.
  2. crewcab

    96 300ex clutch install

    C'mon anyone?
  3. crewcab

    Honda 96 300ex clutch install

    I just picked up a 96 300ex for $850 just need some cosmetic work and it runs great but the clutch slips when you are at a stop and put it in gear. I picked up a new clutch basket and plates off a 05 that I plan on installing next weekend. The Clymer manual suggests using a tool to keep it from turning while taking off the center nut. Would it be possible to just put it in gear to keep it from turning while loosning/tightning that nut or is the tool really needed? I havent done a clutch before but it looks pretty straightforward to do. Any other advice you could pass along to help would be greatly apprieciated. Thanks I also have a new set of Barnett plates coming. Should I use those or the new stock plates that are coming with the basket?
  4. crewcab

    Electrical problems

    Ok, I changed out the batt cables with thick car batt cables and that fixed the overheating issue. Now it will crank over but not start. The plug is getting spark and its getting fuel. I had the battery tested and it seems to be good but testing it while cranking the motor the tester says replace. Could a bad battery cause all this?
  5. Ok I have tried some other forums that have knowledge in this but still not having luck so here goes. I am having a problem with a recent purchase and I am not having much luck getting this resolved. I recently purchased one of those cheap Chinese made ATV's for my wife. Well I had it running over the weekend then stopped and tried starting it again with the electrical start button and the positive and negative cables from the battery got very hot and melted the insulation off. I have tested the starter and it is fine, I have checked the flywheel and other gears and there is no damage. I tried a new solenoid and still the wires get very hot and will melt if the button is pushed more than once. There are no shorts anywhere on either the postive or neg cables. The wires dont get hot when there is no load on the starter but when its back on the engine they get hot when the starter tries cranking the motor. Im starting to think the battery is bad internally but it doesnt die. When I tried my voltmeter on it tonight when I put the red on the pos. side and the the neg. to neg. side it sparked and the leads to the voltmeter got very hot with just a touch for a second to the battery. Im going to have the battery tested but anyone have any other ideas what it could be? Thanks
  6. crewcab

    2006 KLX110 value

    I have to sell a 06 KLX110 that was bought in December, totally stock bike. It has only been ridden 4 times by my 11yr old son. Still has remainder of factory warranty. Is $1,500 too much to ask for this bike? His stolen bike was found and we are keeping the recovered bike. Also I have a offer to trade it for a 2003 XR100 + $400 cash.
  7. crewcab

    Installing graphics kit?

    Thanks for the help. I tried it both wet and dry and the dry method worked better. The just slide around and never grabbed when wet. Just took my time and everything lined up perfect.
  8. crewcab

    2006 MX Boots

    I have the Berik's, As far as protection goes I am very happy with them saved my ankles more than once. I wear them around all day on and off the bike and they are comfortable. Great buckle system. For the price you cant go wrong.
  9. crewcab

    Installing graphics kit?

    Umm,,, I dont have either issue on hand.
  10. I just bought the Two Brothers graphic kit for my sons KLX110. Do you need to wet the surface with soapy water like most bigger decals to get them on correctly? Their website is down and there were no instructions with the kit. Thanks
  11. crewcab

    any kx85 or kx 100 riders ere?

    Here's a pic of my 06 with my sons 110. http://pic13.picturetrail.com/VOL487/410422/6676764/123234960.jpg
  12. crewcab

    KX100 transmission oil????

    I use Mobil 1 15w-50 in my 06 KX100.
  13. crewcab

    Aftermarket shift lever

    Since my sons stolen KLX110 was recovered last week we got it back with a bent shift lever, when I tied to bend it back it snapped. My local dealer wants $30 for a new one but I have seen a few on Epay for under $30 that even have the pivot so they bend if the bike goes over. What is the best shift lever to replace the stock one?
  14. crewcab

    Pics of your green smokers

    Here is my 06 2 smoker.
  15. crewcab

    Which paint for case cover?

    How about BBQ grill paint or high temp engine paint?