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  1. hey thanks boss, got'er all tore apart, the shaft dose have a little wear and the outer seal looks a little rough, just going to replace it all and throw the boyesen cover and impeller on.. thanks again.
  2. Hello, installed a Athena 290 kit a few weeks back, and have been working on getting my bike jetted in correctly, when i had it on the stand changing jets i noticed the spoon full of antifreeze on many stand, i looked to see where it was coming from, and its the hole in the bottom of the water pump.. have no idea what its for, or if i should be concerned.. any info would be awsome, thanks..
  3. I see.. starting to make alot of sence.. thanks so much for cleaning my questions.. So the reason i thought i needed a bigger pilot.. as 42 being stock to a 45 becase i couldnt get the bike to ideal worth a crap, and its alot better with the 45, but 48 seem'd to much,so went back to 45 now like i stated, i have the srew way out, and just a little bog from closed throttle to WOT even have the ap pump wired.. but have been told to throw the #40 leak jet and ill be set.. maybe ur right tho, i should throw the 42 back in, because the whole head valves, and piston ,cams were all brand new, so it probley had to break in, which would have made it run wired the first hour of break-in i'm thinking??
  4. ahh yeah its about 55-60 degrees out, i just thought 2-3 turns on the air screw was might be more like 5-6 its pretty far out.. just learning the whole jetting.. and isnt the bigger number on the jets means richer? so why would i go bigger on the pilot.. i do have a 48 pilot i can try.. its kinda a bugger to start, but no to bad, somtimes 8-10 kicks.. thanks..
  5. hey, i finally got my jetting close.. 04 yz250f with port polish, 13.5.1 piston, yosi- pipe, intake cam.. i have a 178main 45 pilot, jd blue needle, and 5th position on the needle.. now the only problem i have is i have to turn the air screw way out, like 4 turns before the popn quits.. not sure which way to go with the needle.. or bigger jets.. thanks tom.
  6. at that, hers the website to the exact item i orderd, sounds good.. but not worth the money.
  7. Tom; I will start on the cutting of the seats tomorrow am if you want. I talked to Dan Crower & He says that they don't check the valve seats or condition when a new head & valves are used. He says wee can send the head back for his inspection, but that takes time from you & your riding. He also says that Yamaha is out of cylinder heads in parts & that can be a sign of a manufacturing problem. Let me know; Bill well theres the email my local mechanic sent me, i had him go ahead and fix the problem, bike runs now, just jetting issues as i posted a new post.. sucks i had too have someone else do it, but ur right, what kinda engine builder wouldnt check the valve seats>?? even after the porting and polishing...
  8. thanks, yes forgot too add, i have a G2 cam from crowerpower ''they did the mods'' with the 05 head and air boot... g2 cam is a a midrange gain.. ill pick up bigger pilots from the dealer tomorrow and try that, also the clip position is counted from top down correct?
  9. i have a 04 yz250f and just put a 13.5.1 compression piston in, head is ported and polished, yoshi full pipe.. with a jd jet kit jetting is : 180 main 42 pilot 3rd clip-red needle will not idle and pops like crazy...dosent pop with the choke on but running at high rpms ... any ideas
  10. yeah i gotcha , i did do a leak test and found the valves were real leaky, so i knew it would draw air when no cams, kinda didnt explain the whole story, so thought id check the compression on the tear down before i took the head back off with no cams .. so yeah a new cylender and valves leak so much i can kick it over with no cams in it!! and the sick part is i payed 1799 for this complete setup from crowerpower and hes not calling me back!
  11. ok so today i did a compression test without the cams in so i could get the right reading, and yeah only had 60! freakin valves are leakin like crazy!! so i called crowerpower.. and he's suposed to call me tomorrow.. still cant belive a brand new 05 head with new valves leaks so bad, i dont know what he was thinking!~ well thanks for the advice guys.
  12. Yeah gets spark,nice and blue too.. going to test the resistence of the ignition coil and all the electrical parts like stats in the manual. i might be heading in the wrong direction for the problem, but you think the bike would have started even when i tryed to bump start it down the road. thanks.
  13. Its a 250.. has the 05 head, and air boot.. (the one from the air box to the carb.) also put a new rubber flange from carb to head..
  14. Yeah, i tryed two new plugs, i have ran into new plugs not working myself.. and like ur saying, i think ill run over to my dads buddys, he mess's with all the electrical stuff on cars.. he might be able to test the current or whatever needs to be tested on the cdi stuff.. thanks.
  15. Ok here's the deal, bike was running when i tore it apart.. i bought a totally new head/valves.. port polish.. new intake cam- all from crowerpower new JE 13.5.1 piston, got the JD jet kit... installed the jet kit..(even asked him which jets to install with the mods..) cleaned the carb..etc bike did sit for 6-7 months, but got her all together, and the darn thing will not fire.. it has spark, and its timed to a T used the degree wheel and dial indicator.. so it is timed.. tryed putting a little gas in the head.. nothing.. minimal starting fluid threw the air box, only thing i could get was a little pop once.. which usually indicates timing, but the darn thing is on.. checked it twice.. so I'm thinking under-compression the darn thing isn't sparking.. i can rebuild the darn things, but have no idea on the electrical.. even before i decided to get the new head.. sometimes i would play heck getting it started, but this time shes dead.. any tips, or opinions would be great.. thanks guys.. JD's recommended jetting was 180main 42 pilot 5th clip red needle 1 3/4 turn air screw