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  1. Amicki

    570 Valves???

    Yeah when i found out i had the wrong parts i contacted them (black diamond) directly... unfortunately the bike shop i ordered them through were no help (thanks guys), but the people at black diamond were extremely helpfull. I took some measurements from the local mechanic and they ran off two customs for me. So if ever anyone needs some made, they should have the info on file (if they keep that sort of thing)
  2. Amicki

    570 Valves???

    Well i found out the hard way - the valve head size is different between 91-99 TE610 and 2000 TE610. I believe all other measurements are the same, ie stem diameter, overall length, retainer groove.. If anyone is needing some 'black diamond engineering' kibblewhite exhaust valves for the 91-99 TE610 (or anything else they'd fit), then drop me a line.
  3. Amicki

    570 Valves???

    What are you after exactly? I have two brand new kibblewhite exhaust valves to suit a 91-99 TE610. 30mm head diameter. Not sure what the later 570s took, but you never know.
  4. Amicki

    SM brakes for TE610

    I bought my brake system from corsa italiana (uk), because it was too expensive to buy in Australia, and the US distributor never returned my calls/emails... It's a Beringer 6 piston setup, with a 310mm rotor. Mounts directly to the fork leg, without any need for a bracket. Extremely powerfull, i'd doubt you'd ever ask for more. Probably on the more expensive side of things (compared to motomaster etc) but the quality is very good.
  5. Amicki

    Serious Single Cammer

    That's probably the first pic i've seen of a TE with passenger pegs. I have a set but have always wondered exactly where they bolt to and which funny bent piece goes where (one of mine is broken). Anyone got any other pics of footpeg mounting locations? Has anyone ever taken any passengers on such a beast?
  6. Amicki

    It's finally on the road!

    It's a bit of a wild ride, i'm still getting used to it. Probably doesn't help that i keep switching back and forth to a sportsbike though. It vibrates. A LOT! Have to keep reminding myself to relax my grip, which makes a world of difference, but i'd still like to remove some of the vibes from the bars. It's the high rpm/high frequency vibes which are most annoying. Good thing it's got plenty of torque and doesn't need revving out.
  7. Amicki

    It's finally on the road!

    I uh, didn't notice any mention of that in the workshop or owners manual. But here's hoping
  8. Amicki

    It's finally on the road!

    Cheers It's a polisport front fender. I had seriously thought about cutting up the old one, which i would have, but the top side had some deep ugly scratches in it, so i thought stuff it i'll just replace it. And you're spot on - those are yamaha dirtbike mirrors They came from an early 90s XT, or maybe my old TT. Can't remember. That's one of the things i'm going to have to change. I'll keep a lookout for anything that looks neater. I've seen some nice KTM ones. Keep an eye out on ebay or even do some hunting at your local wreckers, i'm sure you could find a cheap set of wheels somewhere. I saved some money by keeping the old hubs and having 17" rims laced to them. Saved big $$$ because i didn't have to find new hubs. I ended up finding a whole other set of dirt wheels for cheap a year or so later anyway, so it all worked out. I'm from Brisbane btw.
  9. Well after a long long time waiting and mucking around, i've finally got my TE610 motard on the road. It's gone from this (when i bought it a few years ago) BEFORE: To this.. I won't say finished, but it's rideable. AFTER: Mick.
  10. I've seen a picture of another husky that had something similar if i remember correctly. (i think it was on a british sidecar racer posted here a few months back). Anyone know what it is? Some sort of oil cooling setup? Check the picture of the right hand side of the motor. The ignition cover has two tubes plumbed into it. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Supermoto-Husqvarna-TC610-2000-model-husky-sport_W0QQitemZ230173202964QQihZ013QQcategoryZ116515QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  11. Amicki

    Have i waited long enough?

    Unfortunately i'm in Queensland, so it's hard to get the bike down to them But you're right, they are both top blokes. Wonder why the importer can't get their act together?
  12. Amicki

    Have i waited long enough?

    Thanks Ride, Appreciate the offer, but thankfully R & D Husky were able to help out. Those guys have been extrememely helpfull everytime i've dealt with them. Parts that i was still waiting for were timing chain and piston rings.
  13. *rant* So, after a long leisurely period spent converting an older (2000) TE610 to a motard, i finally get it registered, way back in March. Honestly i haven't even ridden it more than an hour or so since buying it a long time ago. One of my first trips was to the shop where it was booked in to get a few things sorted. That was March remember. Here it is now August. 1,2,3,4...5 months later, and i'm STILL waiting on engine parts. Honestly i've been extremely patient but this is a joke. Yes i'm in Australia. Yes it's miles from anywhere else. But ffs, can you get any parts to this end of the world??? Nooooo. The word from the shop all the time is that parts are on 'back order' but noone can tell them how long. Occasionally once a month a few bits will arrive. Huurray. Every other dealer i've dealt with seems to have the same problems. I'm ringing the transport department tomorrow to see if i can get a refund on my registration that i haven't been able to use - NO JOKE! Here's wishing that the 'powers that be' get their act together one day and provide some real SERVICE in SUPPORT of their product. One which, by most accounts, is head and shoulders above the rest. I just wish i could be one of the chorus of husky supporters that can say so. */rant*
  14. Amicki

    New Goodies

    Any updates on the rebuild?
  15. Amicki

    My valves are naked!

    Dealer has said they are close to $AU200 each. (that's about $US167 i think). Haven't heard back for a price from any other shops yet.