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  1. knos8nt

    Having ride day at my house

    Problem isn't necessarily the people riding and suing or even ambulance chasing lawyers. They don't come into play unless the injured rider wants them anyway. Where the real trouble is is the Health Insurance companies. Say you have everyone sign a waiver and you are truely sure of everyones character that rides there (close friends or not). If someone get hurt pretty good and manages to put together a nice little hospitial bill, the injured riders health insurance company is going looking for reimbusment. It'll be the insurance company suing your home/property insurance company. There won't be a thing you or your friends/rider can do to stop them. That one simple fact right there is what has kept me from opening up my own little private practice track. Lawyers, Insurance Companies, Politicians... I hate 'em all. My hat is off to you though for the offer, it is very kind. As they say: "It's the thought that counts"
  2. knos8nt

    Yamaha Tri-Moto commercial

    and it ain't a tractor
  3. knos8nt

    Trooper shoots quad rider...

    I so WISH ignorance was painful. We wouldn't have to worry about your delusional posts anymore. and thanks for only quoting half my post. You proven your worth, thank you.
  4. knos8nt

    Trooper shoots quad rider...

    The ignorance here from a lot of those posting is simple f'in amazing. There are a few here that are actually trying to post facts that seem to be completley ignored by the ignorant or the ignorant ones have ZERO reading comprehension. A. The kid ran from the cops - Totally Stupid B. The cops are looking for an escaped convict who SHOT another state trooper. The van he stole after his escape was found ON THE ROAD the kid was riding the 4 wheeler. - Gonna put some cops on high alert C. It is believed that the escaped convict also stole an ATV D. There are pictures of the kid and the convict, they are VERY similar in appearance There's a bunch of other smaller circumstances that just made the whole thing a recipie for disaster. Does it suck that the kid got shot and killed, hell yeah, do I fault the officer here... HELL NO! Bottom line, the kid ran and took a State Trooper for a ride, he brought it all on himself. Being from Western NY, let the parents of the kid try and sue, they won't get a freakin' dime. I truly feel for them but it was the actions of their son that brought about the actions of the officer. As it was, the officer didn't shoot to kill, the kid was hit in the torso so it was more like a STOP MOTHER F'ER kind of shot at that point, the kid bled out. I hope some of you skeptical, ignorant, mental midgets never find yourself in a situation where you need the brave men and women of law enforcement, that you seem to have no problem bashing, to come to your rescue. I can only hope that if that time were to come, y'all get what you have coming. I believe someone said something to the effect of it being time to clean the shallow end of the gene pool.
  5. Using a suspension saver is almost a must. What happens when you just use a strap on each side of the bars and "crank" it down it unloads the rear end of the bike. It becomes light enough that it will pitch from side to side. Using a suspension saver not only protects the forks and the seals etc. but it allows you to actually crank the bike down without lightening up the rear end. Suggestions: DO push the bike up against something solid before strapping it down DO hook from the TOP going over the bars and whatever you're secuing to in the bed or on the trailer - this will prevent the hooks from falling out/off in the event of slack in the strap. DO use a suspension saver, they're cheap and worth every penny. If you don't use one, DON'T crank the bike down too hard as to make the rear of the bike flop all over the place easily. DO use cinch type straps vs. the ratcheting ones... the ratches will fail, especially on cheap straps You can never use too many straps I suppose it's better to be safe than sorry but I've NEVER had to use more than the two on the bars. I've never lost a bike (I'm knocking on wood now) and I have just recently started using the suspension saver. Those things rock. I also now have a nice enclosed trailer so my bikes hitting the highway is pretty much unlikely but I do still move 'em around in the bed of my truck too. Glad your bad experience didn't turn out as bad as it could have been. Just a suggestion though, if your bars are bent, buy new ones, don't try and straighten them, bending them back and forth just makes them weaker. It's back to that better to be safe than sorry bit. On
  6. knos8nt

    Ridin' Kids!

    Here's a site that's dedicated to the kids (and some of us that refuse to grow up). I'm not the proud dad of any of the kids, hopefully someday I'll have one of my own, so I've kind of adopted in spirit these guys.
  7. knos8nt

    One armed motocross

    That is a video of Dave Jackson. He's a local pro up here in Western NY. I've never met him personally but from everyone I know that knows him, he is one of the nicest guys on the planet. He races a couple of classes every week on the WNYMA district 34 circuit. I'm fortunate enough to get to watch him a few times a month at the races in person. He is simply amazing and a total inspiration to watch.
  8. knos8nt

    Pics of your garage/workshop.

    Well... here's where we work until Camp Digger opens and the Digger Compound gets constructed. http://www.teamdiggerracing.com/photos_view.asp?id=21
  9. knos8nt

    brakes help!!

    have you gone through and made sure the caliper slides are free, the pads are free on the perches etc.??? If either or are frozen so the caliper don't move freely, the pads will rub. Also, are you sure the caliper piston isn't frozen?
  10. knos8nt

    Frame Painting

    Painted actually, it's the 2nd time I've painted it... the green frame in the photo of the pile of parts was a paint job by me in 2001.
  11. knos8nt

    06' leaking oil

    you might want to check your chain too... if it's too tight, it will pull on the countershaft and could prematurely wear the seal along w/ other damage inside.
  12. knos8nt

    First Race Yesterday

    I have the same issue w/ mine... the shifter is too short, it doesn't leave enough room between it and the peg. My buddy noticed it too w/ his '06. I heard that an '04 or maybe '05 shifter fits and IS like a 1/2 inch longer. Sunline also makes a longer aftermarket shifter for the '06. That's what I'm gonna put on to help with this issue.
  13. knos8nt

    RANT INSIDE, read if you want.......

    I too am fortunate to have a very competent dealership in all areas... product knowledge in the sales and service department as well as people who know their stuff behind the parts counter. No, they don't always have things in stock especially for my '94 KX125 but they get it fast and right. Soper Powersports just rocks. It's even literally right around the corner from my house. The bitch is, I'm moving to the other side of the city for a while in 2 weeks... The dealers on that side just SUCK.
  14. knos8nt

    Site Launched

    We've run a few load time tests on dial up with it... yes, it isn't speedy by any means... I have debated going in and slicing it up more than it is at this time, just to speed up the page load times. I will move that up on the "list of sh*t to do". Thanks for your input.
  15. knos8nt

    Site Launched

    Thanks, I appreciate the feedback, I hope more is forth coming. As for the splash page, the kids involved with Team Digger Racing seem to really like it. If this were a business site, hell yeah, I've been developing web applications long enough to know that there is no place for it. Those that didn't like it, thanks for saying so, but I have also taken into consideration the true intended target audience, have you or was the dismay for it based on your own personal preferences? I will however relay your comments on to the rest of the team and we can go from there. Thanks again for the feedback I would love more feedback both positive and any negative.