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  1. gottabuyahonda

    450X transmission didn't blow up

    I agree with your point that the forum is informative and that is why I visit also. It has just been a bit of tranny problem overload for the past few weeks. Don't get too worked up over my comments; I wasn't trying to start a war.
  2. gottabuyahonda

    450X transmission didn't blow up

    My friend and I rode our X's all weekend (I put about 35 miles on mine and he probably put twice that many) and nothing hand grenaded, disintegrated or spontaneously combusted. Hopefully we can get some resolution to this tranny problem and have something else to discuss. It is getting pretty depressing around here.
  3. gottabuyahonda

    Recluse Z start for 450X

    I apologize if this is an old topic but do any of you have the Z start clutch mod on the 450X? If so I have a few questions: 1) Where did you purchase and how much was it? 2) How hard was it to install? 3) How well does it work? Thanks in advance for any replies.