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  1. jojomx

    Who is the KTM 4-Stroke Expert?

    Why dont start with a 560 SMR? Technical data on the 560 SMR
  2. jojomx

    '08 Sxf

    I don’t think the 08 450 will be a five speed. The reason is that there is not enough space in the gearbox for another set of gears. To make the bike a five speed they would have to make new cases, and I don’t that is something they would do when the bike is so new. What I think it will get is smaller valves and/or a exhaust pipe with a smaller diameter. They will do this to improve bottom end. Other things that I think will be on the 08 is a new suspension setting, hopefully with stiffer springs, a heavier flywheel and slightly different carburetor setting. The 250F will probably get only small modifications to improve reliability and some small adjustments.
  3. jojomx


    Originaly, they were just going to use a longer stroke to make the 505, but they found out it was not enough room. now it has a larger piston and a longer stroke. The piston is 2mm (ca. 1/10 of an inch) bigger. The bike also has a bigger flywheel and a 48 tooth rear sprocket.
  4. jojomx

    505 Sx-f

    I got to take my 505 out last weekend. The bike is the same bike as the 450 except for the piston, cylinder, crank, rear sprocket and flywheel. I fixed the bike before i rode it so it was not completely standard. White plastic and decals, Renthal 997 Twin Wall, Full diamond grips, stiffer springs, 50 tooth rear sprocket instead of the stock 48 (52 is stock on the 450, but I use 50 on both bikes) and 15cc less fork oil in the forks. The bike is, not suprising, almost the same to ride as the 450, but it is stronger. The extra 27cc give the bike some more grunt over the whole powerband and it can sometimes pull a higher gear. The bike has, as far as I can see, no disadvantages over the 450. It does not feel heavy or lazy in any way. I am really happy with this bike.
  5. jojomx

    505 Sx-f

    Got my new 505 today. Have started it up, but I am still waiting fore some good weather to take it outside. I will give ou guys an update when I have tried it. It will be really interesting to se how it compares to my 07' 450. It will be a little bit unfair though, as my 450 is well used. I have almost 70 hours on it now. Have not broken any thing unusal. Only changed parts like sprockets, chains, brake pads, grips, fenders, muffler packing, chain guide, filters, etc
  6. jojomx

    what pipe

    I am quite shure the FMF will give you more power, but this is not done by magic. They have a lot higher sound level and would be considered illegal at any serious race in Europe. In Norway we have quite strict sound regulations, and the only pipes that seems to give any power gain and still make the sound limit (96db) are Akrapovic, Arrow and HGS. Of these three, Akrapovic has far superior fit and finnish. If I where you I would go for the Akrapovic. You can order it from your local KTM dealer.
  7. jojomx

    07 sxf 450 recall?

    I am doing it right now. I waited to the end of school semster so i wouldn't miss any riding. I just sit and read all day anyway.
  8. jojomx

    07 450 Otd

    Around 10 500 USD. In Norway, so don't you ever complain about how expensive this sport is...haha
  9. jojomx

    2007 ktm 450sxf

    My advice would be to go out a couple of clicks on the compression, both forks and shock. They are a little harsh before they are broken in. You should also check the sag. The new shock needs plenty sag. I have 40mm free sag and 112mm race sag.
  10. jojomx

    07 250F Oil Leak?

    Do you have oil inside the ignition/flywheel cover? We had that problem on one of our bikes. We just changed the oilseal that is behind the flywheel.
  11. jojomx

    First Impression 450SX-F

    I really don't know. When I talked to one of the tech guys at KTM scandinavia the other day, I got the impression that it is really tight inside the gearbox. I don't know if tis possible to fit any more gears.
  12. jojomx

    07 505 Sx

    I have not had the chance to ride one yet, but I am doing some research to try to find a guy who has one so I can test it. I ride the 07' 450 now and is really happy about it. They are basically the same bikes, only more torque in the 505, so the bike should be a blast to ride.
  13. jojomx

    First Impression 450SX-F

    Thanks for the info. I will try that for sure. I will let you know how it works
  14. jojomx

    First Impression 450SX-F

    The problem is two rings on the countershaft. KTM has experienced some cind of production failure that causes the rings to break and in the worst case break the cases and wreck the gearbox. All 450s will need new rings, and that means that all bikes need a complete engine tear down. To make matters worse, there is no special tools available, no manuals on the engine and a completly new bike, so there is wery little experience with the engine around in the local shops. Hope to get mine ready Wednesday next week. If you PM me I can send you, all the info KTM sent me, on e-mail.
  15. jojomx

    First Impression 450SX-F

    No I have not heard anything about the gearbox selector fork. I will contact KTM scandinavia tomorrow. Thanks for the tip. I have not tested the other ignition setting yet. I tried to see if it was anything about it in the users manual, but could not find anything about it. Have you tried it? If you have, could you tell me the basics on how you do it? I have ordered some suspension components from WP to upgrade the shock as well as a stiffer spring for the shock. I will test the bike with the stiffer shock spring and see if I will need stiffer fork springs. I weight about 190lb (86kg) The bike is a blast to ride. I have used it five times now, and it only gets better and better. The engine is so calm, yet powerfull, and the chassis is wery forgiving, yet stable.