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  1. Day of 5,6,7 Sochi area (1750km) WBR, Ilya Prived 4om Rassia!
  2. Day of 3-rd Gelenjik area The cut down vineyard - an echo of struggle against an alcoholism 90-th Day of 4-th Gelenjik area
  3. DR-250SHN model year 92 Day of 0-th Departure from Moscow time at 00:30 Coldly! I go in gym shoes, kneecaps Fox-Raptor, mesh jacket Rev-it. The bicycle raincoat partially rescue from an icing . Near 6:30 I approach on the Voronezh area (580km), the sun pleasantly warms up, but on refuelling the temperature - 10 ` C. It would be desirable to sleep, periodically I lay in a grass on refuellings. To Rostov area starts to burn fairly and the raincoat sends to a wardrobe trunk as which bicycle bag Merida (rather capacious is used and on DR well fastens without complexities). In the Rostov area (1000km) quality of roads rising, a lof of police watch up a excess of speed. The bridge through Don, morning 7:30 Day of 1-st Kuban, Village Doljanskaya (1250km)- Surfires camp. Absolutely direct road through Kuban fields of 20 km Air damp. Sensations that you go inside of a white balloon. Day of 2-nd Gelenjik (1550km)- Resort.