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  1. Anybody have one I can buy? I bought the bike, and the guy didn't have one. I'd just like to have it. Thanks!! Travis
  2. Where might be the best place to get one?
  3. You Guys Rock!!!!! That did the trick. I stood on the right side of the bike, and kicked with my left foot. Started right up 3 times in a row!! Thanks for the help!!
  4. Thanks for the advice Guy's!! I'll try just that.
  5. Hey All!!! I bought a 2002 YZ 426 a while back, and then had a pretty bad street bike crash. I can't start it now, My ankle won't take it. Is there anything I can do to make this thing easier to start. I did a search in this forum, and I heard about the '03 exhaust cam. I also found out I need to check the Valves, as they will make it hard to start if they are out of spec. Is there anything else I can do to make it easier to start? Aside from selling it for something with electric start? Thanks for the help!!!