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    625 SMC-How is it?

    I've just got back from a test ride on a 625. I've never experienced vibration like it. As part of the ride I thought I take it on a dual carriageway straight, just in case I encountered one if I owned the bike. Within a couple of minutes of 70 mph my testicles and feet had lost all sense of feeling. The seat is one of the most crippling I've ever had the misfortune to sit on. I used to ride a 200 EXC off road and seat is very similar. Fine in the dirt but not on a road bike. On the plus side, handling is superb as are the brakes. The motor was standard and could definately do with some de-restricting. I'll give the 640 a go next as it looks more promising as a street bike.
  2. First post, so hello to all. There a few UK riders using Husky's. They seem OK but spares can be expensive. They also have a bit of a reputation for bits falling off. For the street get a Husky NOX: http://www.bikez.com/bike/4431/index.jpg