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  1. LowVoltScuba

    16.5" - Old hat?

    If 16.5 is old hat, what's new hat?
  2. LowVoltScuba

    purpose of a CATCH CAN

    Purpose of a catch can is to contain fluid overflow from 3 areas: Coolant, Fuel and Crankcase. It's not practical to make one can large enough to contain all 3 substances, so you'll need one for each. If your crankcase breather hose runs into the airbox(which is common)you won't need one there. Red Bull cans, Coke cans, Budweiser cans etc are old school and quickly becoming unacceptable with most sanctioning bodies. When considering a catch can, 3 things should be foremost; -Able to withstand a substantial impact -Large enough and able to contain all of it's contents in the event of a crash -Be heat resistant If at all possible, mount the can in a location that would reduce or eliminate it's exposure to damage. SM sanctioning bodies have realized they face the same issues regarding catch cans as Roadracing outfits do. Show up for a race with a GSXR 1000 using a red bull can and they'll laugh at you and tell you to come back when you're serious. If you can fab a quality can at home, great. Most can't. For less than $100 you can purchase all 3 catch cans(coolant,fuel,crankcase) from a quality manufacturer and never have to worry about passing tech or spilling crap on the track.
  3. LowVoltScuba

    Need help!!

    As far as the Edge tail-light...get in touch with Forest at www.wheelingcyclesupply.com Beauty-full. Easy 3 wire hook-up, bolts right on. You'll be thrilled.
  4. LowVoltScuba

    SMJ offline again?

    Man...that was a poor attempt at humor. To all the mods at SMJ, please forgive me.
  5. LowVoltScuba

    SMJ offline again?

    Hey bd....accepto me apologio. I would never bad mouth you muggs. My post was meant in jest. I should have made that more clear. My bad! So sorry G.I....you know me love you long time!
  6. LowVoltScuba

    SMJ offline again?

    Same here too. Maybe Eddie or one of the mods can pipe-up and tell us what's happening this time, rather than sandbagging like last time.
  7. LowVoltScuba

    Good "cheap" leathers

    Same here...wants to rub my tailbone. Bicycle/padded shorts help alot. But outside of custom-made, they fit as good as an off the rack model could be expected to.
  8. LowVoltScuba

    Good "cheap" leathers

    Not sure what size you'd need Mike, but I'm 5'10", 160lbs, 30 waist, 32 inseam, 44 chest. I got the one peice in Med/52(euro). It fits good. I'm happy with it. Maybe this will give you a reference/idea of what you might need.
  9. LowVoltScuba


    Back up. The new server kicks a$$....
  10. LowVoltScuba

    supermoto bike

    To get a Supermoto bike for less than 2K(even with a blowed-up motor)and have it titled in California, and be able to race it on occasion....you're asking a hell of a lot. I mean, nothings impossible I guess. But you are pushing the envelope. I highly suggest that you be prepared to "liquidate some assets" and get your budget up closer to 4K minimum. Good luck.
  11. LowVoltScuba


    At least we know what's going on this time...
  12. LowVoltScuba

    best SM tire..........

    If you're planning on running the common 160 size, the Distanza is a wide tire. 6 1/2 inches on a 5.0 rim. Be sure it'll fit inside your swingarm.
  13. LowVoltScuba

    Good "cheap" leathers

    The Shift leathers are actually very nice for the money. It's a good off-the-rack suit. Shop around and you can find them for $299-$330. 2-peice or 1-peice. It's a Supermoto suit. Cut that way, and no knee sliders.
  14. LowVoltScuba


    I'll definately be checkin' in more often for sure. I've been missing out. This place is cool.
  15. LowVoltScuba


    Hey Goosedog! Rain is good I keep telling myself. Makes everything green. The source of all life... ...ARRRGH! Quit raining allready! If I can't go riding, I'm obligated to do something productive around the house. And of course, that sux.