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  1. CR Chucky X

    Alberta Class 6 requirements?

    Typically, the cost of the course is more than saved on your insurance premium the first year of having a class 6. Having the course will give you the equivalent of 2 years riding experience. Rocky Mountain Racer is correct, you will have to take a written exam before taking your road test.
  2. CR Chucky X

    For the older guys....Who works out?

    I know how beat I felt the first time out on the bike last year, and I felt at the time that I was in decent shape. This year, I'm getting off on the right foot. I joined a gym near my office, and plan on going 3-4 times/wk with strength, and cardio programs. I want to be much more prepared, and will consider running some vet class races if I can screw enough courage up to get out and learn how to ride on a track vs. just riding the trails.
  3. CR Chucky X

    Adidas Soccer socks work well

    I'll keep an eye out for them. I was a little dissapointed that my $20 Thor socks have blown a hole in the heel after only 2 rides. Although I am looking for something even longer to go with my knee braces.
  4. CR Chucky X

    Clutch cover needed

    The Rocky mountain link worked for me as well. That SFB cover does look pretty tough. Does the +125 ml mean the tranny will hold that much extra oil? Sounds pretty good. No worries on me not replacing the cover, just may take a couple weeks to have the new one delivered, so the JB may have to do the trick for a spell. I'm not that concerned about the added weight, either. I'd rather not have to worry about it breaking, and put up with the additional ounce or two.
  5. CR Chucky X

    Clutch cover needed

    Well, I was out riding yesterday, and on one long hill climb, I had the front tire hit a large rock, and threw me off the back, and flipped the bike over. One of the larger rocks hit my clutch cover, cracking it. All I have found for something a little beefier than the stock magnesium is the GYT-r part. Does anyone make either a carbon cover for the stock cover, or should I just go with the GYT-r one? And can I get away with a J-B weld fix until the parts can be ordered? It's just a hairline fracture about 1/2" long in the face of the cover (Inside the M in Yamaha) Thanks.,
  6. CR Chucky X

    Off road fears

    I'm still trying to get comfortable riding in ruts, and ruts in mud. And having to pick the front up to clear obstacles in the middle of trails. And hill climbs where there are loose rocks. And going back down hills. But I'm enjoying the challenge, and seem to improve a little every time I go out.
  7. CR Chucky X

    Maybe a Husaberg?

    There's dirt, and then there's the mud, gravel, rock, hills, wet grass, etc. Knobbies are definately going to be required at some point. Checked with the dealer, and it is an '03 FS 400. The price is good, but I'm now re-thinking this bike decision. May look back at the CRF 450 X, and get some 17's. Thanks for all your help, everyone. I'll keep you posted.
  8. CR Chucky X

    Maybe a Husaberg?

    I see what you're saying now. I guess it's time to decide what is the priority, the SM track, or the dirt... I don't think that any big jumps will be in my near future, but I've been on the track pretty steady with my 600RR, and am looking forward to getting into SM. Now, I better head back to that shop, and determine exactly what is there for sale! They're a local Ducati/ Aprillia shop that tried to get into the Husaberg scene, brought this one FS bike in, and as their Duc sales took off, the 'berg was relegated to the back shop, and there it has sat for better than a year. The price they quoted me is tough to beat, but I'd better have a good look, at the year/model. (I'm certain that the decal on the rear fender says 400)
  9. CR Chucky X

    Maybe a Husaberg?

    Can you add some detail regarding your statement about "lots of rub" with the FS vs the FE or FC version when running off road? I can see that there is a reduction in the suspension travel with the FS both on front and rear, but shouldn't there also be an increase in spring rates, to resist bottoming? I'm currently looking at an 05' FS400 that I want to use as both a Supermoto, and a trail bike (It comes with the big wheels for mounting knobbies). Coming off of sportbikes, I can see having the big brake, and the stiffer suspension as a large advantage on the paved track, and being new to dirt anyways, won't really know what I'm missing Or should I start looking for a 2nd set of forks, and a shock for the dirt? Thanks,