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  1. Wayne-o

    What Do You Guys Wear

    Would a Hells Angle ride without his colors? Like others...........If I'm doing dual sport stuff I ride dirt bike style. I'f It's gonna be a lotta hard road I wear street stuff.
  2. Wayne-o

    Baja 2 days helmet cam

    Great Vid, I got goos bumps watching the vid and listening to the music. Great selection. Time ta go out and take a ride on the KATOOM. Wayne-o
  3. Great pictures. I love the state of Arizona for a lotta reasons. But.................Been ridin he'a in Na'hampsha all winta long Wayne-o
  4. Thanks everyone for your input. I decided to go with the Pirelli MT21. 120/90 18 for the rear and the 90/90 21 for the front. Wayne-o
  5. Well winter is almost over and it's time ta start thinking about new tires for my KTM 450 EXC. I've done some looking and so far the Dunlop D606 looks like a good DOT dual sport tire with a rating of 10% on Road and 90% off road. Whataya think? Wayne-o
  6. Wayne-o

    Look at this squid

    Yup, Thats a lotta calamari on that lil Kawi
  7. I was riding some trails in Newport/Claremont NH yesterday and it was snowing in the afternoon. Came back down to Townsend and the sun was out. go figure.
  8. Wayne-o

    This is weird...........

    UPDATE: I had the day off so I loosened up the axle clamps and got over the bike with a platform on my left side so I could stablize myself over the bike and thrusted the forks down with my body weight. I was careful getting off of the bike so as to not disturb the alignment. I torqued down the 4 axle bolts and took it out for a couple of hours. Everything feels better now. Musta tweaked the front end a bit in one of my ice breaking moments. Dam I gotta stop doin shit like that. It's starting to hurt. Thanks everyone for your help. Wayne-o
  9. Wayne-o

    Hawaii Helmet Cam

    What camera set-up are you using? Wayne-o
  10. Wayne-o

    This is weird...........

    Ya I've crashed a few time recently. Once breaking through some ice and getting launched. Actually this happened a couple of times. Nothing worse that water but frozen water that lets you drop in a foot or so and stops the bike suddenly is the wrost. I'll try loosening up the the front end and realigning things. Just looking at it though nothing seems to catch the eye. I'll give this a shot and let ya know how I made out. Thanks peeps. Wayne-o
  11. The last couple of times I took my KTM 450 out it feels like if let go of the handle bars it would stear to the left. When Im riding it makes the bikes handling feel awkward. Any suggestions? Wayne-o
  12. Wayne-o

    Inside Leg out front?

    Where I've been riding lately in New Hampshire it has been primarily woods riding. I really didn't have a clue as to why people employed this technique. I think you're spot on if you don't have clear sight of start and finish of the berm in the woods. I haven't done any track at all. All woods stuff. Tight turns with little time to evaluate up coming terrain. I'm a street rider gone dirty. Wayne-o
  13. Wayne-o

    Inside Leg out front?

    This is why I like Thumper Talk. You can ask a question and get answers from experience that helps you along your way. Thanks Everyone, Wayne-o
  14. Ya I'm a noob with a lotta stupid questions. What does putting your inside leg out front do for you when your going around a berm? Why do people do it? Thanks in advance, Wayne-o