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  1. Botxl250

    Gorman Dayride On Sun.

    If the 74 XL is back together I'll give it a shot. Old desert racer on old bike. OK with you. Bo Thousand Oaks
  2. Botxl250

    Gorman Dayride On Sun.

    I'll see if my 74 XL will be back together and I'd like to ride. Haven't been there for years. Bo Tretta Thousand Oaks
  3. Botxl250

    Where are all the old timers?

    How old is an old timer? I started racing in 1959 when all there was was Thumpers. BSA, Matchless, Enfields, Triumphs, AJS. I'm still riding in the SoCal desert. 74 XL250 with desert tank. I even have 8mm films of my last Barstow to Vegas race in 73. No projector but I have the films. Like to meet some other older guys for riding out here. Bo