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    Broken Bolt-HELP!!!!!

    Well I welded a nut on twice and the bolt broke two more times. It is time for the helicoil. Seems like this is manufacture problem. Maybe the bolts should be looked at again. I would suggest to anyone that can pull both bolts out right now, to put some anti seize on both of them. I might happen to you, the night before riding you decide to adjust your chain and oops!!! The bolt breaks, if it happened to me twice on both bike it could happen to you.
  2. mcguire34

    Broken Bolt-HELP!!!!!

    I am in Orangevale, Sacramento.
  3. I have broken a bolt in my swing arm. It is the bolt that adjust the chain. I have heayed it, used vice-grips, and have been soaking it with PB blaster to loosen the treads. I am thinking of welding a bolt onto the end of the bolt to make a new head. Any other ideas before I do that? Thanks