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    blew my knee out

    Yeah, that's bad news. My son at 15 had a nasty get off at the local track. I knew something was not right when he just picked up the bike and sat on it for 10 minutes. I finally walked over to check on him, did not seem to be that bad of a crash from where I was standing. He said he was ok but asked me to start up his bike for him, he just was not up to doing it. I started it and he rode another good hour and a half (his choice not mine) without incident. When he finally came in, noticed he really favored his left leg climbing off the bike. Had him put some ice on it during the ride home and he seemed fine. Few days later his baseball coach asked him to relieve the catcher. He jumped up to chase down a wild pitch and when he turned, he just dropped to the ground in pain. No dad ever wants to be in that situation - trust me. Took him in and had an MRI done, the Dr. could not even find his ACL. It had completely torn away from the bone, on top of that, the baseball situation caused further damage because the ACL did not properly hold the knee in place, the whole friggin knee cap shifted forward damaging the maniscus ligiment on the front side. This is one tough kid, never complained and actually asked for one more ride before he went in for surgery, knowing he was going to be laid up for a while . Finished out the BB season to boot (second base-no catching). He ended up in surgery for 4 hours, originally scheduled for 2 1/2. The Dr. found more damage that required repairing, all this on top of having a new ACL (via a cadaver) bolted in to place. He was wrecked the whole summer but followed the Dr. and physical therapist's instructions completely. He's back riding again and looking forward to baseball season. It is amazing to me that this 15 year old took this all in stride, fully confident he would be back up to speed in no time. Wish I had that kind of confidence at 15, gotta love this kid. God speed to you on the healing process, give it all the time it needs.
  2. FastByFarr

    Street legal XR250 in CT. Who did this already?

    Other than Tony Larusso's track in Rocky Hill (20 bucks for a full day ride), nope - not much in the way of legal areas to ride. While up there I had to depend upon meeting up with friends that owned private land to ride on or rode on my own property. Did do some trails in Middletown down by the Pratt & Whitney plant off Aircraft Road. Great riding, but not sure how legal it was! Spent a lot of time over in New York (hour 1/2 haul) so my kids could ride District 34 motocross. Kids can not race in Ct. until 13 years old so only a couple of tracks hold regular races there and it's damn expensive. NY has no such silly laws and their tracks are truely awesome. Lot of good riding in Mass also, but get the plate, it's required on most of their public lands as well.
  3. FastByFarr

    Street legal XR250 in CT. Who did this already?

    Hi Char250R! Spent 5 years up there in Ct. myself, Colchester area but recently moved back to my native Florida. Also ride an '01 250R. Sweet machine for that locale if you like the technical riding - big rocks, big trees, more big rocks! Got a buddy there in Colchester that licensed his WR 450. Believe he went with the baja designs setup also. The system was fine but he was a little worried that that he'd get busted for not having DOT approved tires. Turns out he took it for inspection and they didn't even look at them so he passed no problem. Don't forget that separate motor cycle drivers license required also! Just remember though, you're in the "NO FUN" state so the minute you license that bad boy your gonna get a personal property tax bill in the mail. Small price to pay in my opinion, but a consideration just the same. I had joined up with the New London Motorcycle Club which was minutes away. They had mile of trails laid out that ranged from beginner to advanced, taught my boys on them. Unfortunately, the state came in and shut down their access - bastards! Still, my buddy and I Managed to find some sweet trails to ride in the area. Some are even legal if you're licensed, e-mail me at Kathleenfarr@bellsouth.net and I'll hook you up. But by all means, you're headed down the right route by getting a tag on the bike. You'll just be too limited in NE without it!
  4. FastByFarr

    Yamaha OEM parts on-line?

    My boys ride a TTR125 and YZ85, I've used both Yamaha of Troy and GTY.com quite a bit for OEM parts. Have had no issues from either with shipping or incorrect parts.
  5. FastByFarr

    Ever ride in a foot of snow on the street?

    No offense intended guys, just having fun with the Chicago brothers. I did my time in purgatory...found the snow thing to be some what challenging at best. Mud...geez we can be in it up to our butt for sure down here, ole xr250 just continues to amaze me!
  6. FastByFarr

    You guys have to kick your bikes to start them??

    Funny stuff.... I ride with several folks that ride those blue bikes. Everyone of them removed that battery and e-start system in an effort to lighten up and improve trail handling. Problem is, I still have to hold up on the trail while they figure out where the coolant is bleeding from! Simplicity folks, all about the simplicity...now go charge your battery and hope the next trail is not too tight yamadoggers, this is Honda territory!
  7. FastByFarr

    new handlebar suggestion

    I too am a taller rider. The stock bars on my XR250 would tend to whack my knees sometimes. Switched to a set of Pro Taper (Kevin Windam Bend) that really cured the problem. These also come pre-marked with cut-off positions to suit your style. 65 bucks at my local dealer, but far superior to stockers.
  8. FastByFarr

    Ever ride in a foot of snow on the street?

    Had to deal with the snow thing in Ct. for a few years. Got frustrated and moved back to Florida. Much more comforable with the climate, now can't get my snowmobile to handle right though, what do you suggest?
  9. FastByFarr

    Why motorcycle oil?

    Hee Hee what an interesting topic. I've tried everything in the 35 years I've been riding. Motorcycle specific = rip off folks. Been running QS 10-W30 in my thumpers and 2 stroke gearboxes for years with great reliability. Change the oil on a regular basis and you're good to go. Use the money you save on slick new riding outfit!
  10. FastByFarr

    thinking xr250

    I have an '01 XR250 I picked up while in New England for a few years. Absolutely awesome woods bike, once you work the minor bugs out. Connecticut made for some really challenging technical riding - big rocks, big trees, more big rocks. The ole XR was just outstranding in these conditions. Just moved back to Florida though and finding she needs a bit more tweeking for the softer conditions and my more aggressive riding style. I'm ok with that at this point as I have no intention to clear a 60 foot table top at my age (44ish), I'll leave that to my kids, so I'll work with what I've got. If you want to spend more time at serious moto, an XR is not the machine of choice. Just keep in mind that a full up moto thumper will be considerably more expensive to maintain. CRF's, YZF's and all those other F's typically spin up at significantly higher revs which in turn relate to lower ride time between rebuilds. Consider these factors before diving in, do you really want to air it out or are you looking for an inexpensive way to go out and have some fun on a weekend?
  11. FastByFarr

    Help !!! Carb Question ?????

    Step 1. Take the whole stinking stock carb with it's sorry cable choke system off the bike. Step 2. Go to Ebay and pick up a 26mm Mikuni off a 1985 YZ80 (Got mine for 16 bucks). Step 3. Jet according specs elsewhere in this site. Step 4. Enjoy!
  12. FastByFarr

    TTR225 Puny?

    My son has a friend who's father brought me his TTR225 with a severe oil leak problem. May have had 10 hours total on the bike, and he was about to drop it off at the dealer before talking to me. After he dropped the bike off at my garage, I started looking it over and sure enough was bleeding oil all over the floor even at idle. Followed the oil trail right back up to the cam cover, knowing the bike was quite new found it hard to believe it could be anything major. I grabbed the cover to loosen bolts, but they were already plenty loose. O-ring was fine so just torqued it back down and all leaks stopped. Kinda a reminder that even though they may be new, make the effort to check all bolt torque occassionally. Had that fallen off on the trail he could have been in some deep doo-doo. Other than that, I absolutely had a blast "test riding" it! I ride a 2001 xr250 myself, and found the 225 to be a quite capable machine. Love that magic button too! The important thing is you are comfortable with it and that will do nothing but improve confidence and riding skills. Yeah it will not likely clear a good table top, but hell I roll over those nowadays anywho (Age and the fact that somebody has to get the bikes home at the end of the ride). Just get out there and ride!
  13. FastByFarr

    XR400 Seat Cover

    Need a new seat cover for my 01 XR250. In most catalogs I've found, XR250 and 400 use the same seat cover. Really interested in a complete SDG seat but they only list XR400. Any one know right off hand if the 400 and 250 have the same seat pan configuration? I suspect they do but prefer not to part with $89.00 only to find it does not fit.
  14. FastByFarr

    TT125 Jetting and airbox - A visual guide

    Found a 26mm mikuni carb off a 1985 YZ80 on E-Bay for 16 bucks. Using the jetting info found on this website, quickly had it dialed in to match the BBr150 kit... whole different machine now, thanks to all who contribute to this site. BTW, main reason I went after a different carb was because the stocker's choke cable slide froze up inside the housing rendering it useless. If you keep the stocker, make sure to periodically pull the choke slide out of the carb and insure it moves freely (pictures in this thread show the choke assembly). The 26mm has to be a good pound and a half lighter than the stocker and is a direct bolt on. Throttle cable assembly is identical also. Just so happened I kept the original cable assembly that clips in to the top of the throttle slide cap.....good thing because the guy that sold me the 26mm carb did not include the cable assembly. Probably too much carb for a stocker, but a very good improvement to the 150 kit.
  15. FastByFarr

    tt for my son, help 125 or 90?

    I have two boys now 13 and 15. Started both out on an XR70 which the older boy quickly out grew. I moved him up to a TTR 125 (small wheel), while the younger boy stayed with the 70. TTR proved to be a great match, not to mention RELIABLE. While little brother progressed to the point of breaking the little xr's frame, not to mention various other critical components due to it's suspension limitations, the TTR shined on with it's ability to handle abuse. Moved him up to the TTR at 11 and big brother up to a YZ85. The 85 was a big jump from 7hp to 22.5 hp, but the transition was somewhat easier having had the opportunity to learn with smaller machines. I have since installed the BBR 150 kit in the TTR, as well as added a 1985 YZ80 26mm carb (bought on E-Bay for 16 bucks) and the bike has really come to life. The 13 year old just learned that he can now do very impressive wheelies with the new found power (he looped it once already - 26 bucks for a new rear fender). Bottom line - go for the TTR125 if his size permits any thing smaller would just be out grown too quickly for the pocket book. A simple spacer can be added to the top of the throttle slide if you have concerns about the power, but in stock form, the 125 should not be too much of a concern.