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  1. 40:1 full synthetic
  2. when you say right fork is longer what do you mean it sits higher in the clamp? Or are they the same height, if so the springs shouldn't make one fork longer than the other. If it is something has come apart inside the fork.
  3. IF it doesn't leak don''t worry about it.
  4. if your brake fluid is old it will fade away and if you just bleed them they don't come back very well. Keep bleeding your brakes until clean fluid comes out of the bleeder, then you'll be good.
  5. I think you're right
  6. Check on a honda crf 450 2006 they use the same rear shock as the rmz and you can buy a seal kit from honda I'm 95% sure.
  7. 2004 Had recalls on cdi's It's very rare for a cdi to bad
  8. If it was the bigend bearing you'd see copper colured shavings not silver
  9. Tear Offs Work To
  10. spares kits come in the crate with the bike, in Canada you should get manual,triangle, plug wrench, clutch lever brake lever, some gaskets stator clutch a couple orings, oil filter, 2 main jets and i think a needle can't remeber haven't had one of these bikes at the shop since before christmas. I've heard some dealers keep them and screw the buyer out of what they should of gotten.
  11. If You Check It Out Yourself And Find Something Wrong Suzuki Will Say To Bad. The Only Way Suzuki Will Ever Cover It Is If A Dealer Does The Work.
  12. yeah put it in neutral.
  13. kibblewhite's are junk they don't last at pro level thye went tight in 1 hour and broke the buckets on the intake side and ruinned the cam. Use oem thet last if you check them often.
  14. kawis 450 is available in march in canada.
  15. they are different the quad valve has a bigger diameter stem by .5 mm then the bikes