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  1. Less than 4 days away!
  2. $15,000 in giveaways! ~>
  3. Oh man I screwed that up LOL! Thanks!
  4. All the info you will need can be found at http://www.occr/net There is a drop down under the scrubpine enduro link with weather, directions, lodging, videos, ect.... Hope to see you there!
  5. Ride is this SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. The start will be really close to the camp.
  7. 17 Days and counting..... This years Scrub Pine Enduro will have a total of 132.20 Route Sheet Miles. The first loop will be about 46.16 ground miles and the second loop will have 39.91 for a total of 86.06 ground miles. The first loop will be slightly harder than the second, with more tight but everything is very doable! To new C riders-if you can finish the first loop you should have no problem finishing the event. Keytime is 8:00 Keytime for the finish is 1:37 Jart Charts will be available. It seems that every year people move our arrows around...therefore we highly recommend that all riders use a club issued Route Sheet or Jart and follow it on all connector roads. This will be a typical OCCR Check In / Check Out format, with Resets immediately following all Check Outs, there is no need to speed down the roads. The first Gas Available will be away and will be closed to Support Crews. There will be a gas truck! This Gas will only be 7+ ground miles from the start and riders are urged to put small gas cans on the gas truck to conserve space. There will also be a second Gas Available in the first loop and will be accessible to Support Crews. The next gas will be at the end of the first loop and will be located back at the camp ground with a 25 minute layover. There will be a Gas Available in the second loop away at the MX Sand Pit and will be open to Support Crews. This will be a spectator friendly Enduro!!! There will be Two Spectator areas in the first loop and Two in the second loop. The MX sand pit will have a special test section.
  8. For your first enduro don't worry about the timekeeping. Just go out, try to finish, and most importantly have fun riding great trails.
  9. You can do it on a drz... there will be a couple tight sections but good resets to get you back on time.. mostly new trail too
  10. Give it a go! For your first enduro I would enter the day of the race(Sunday) towards the back. Tell the people at sign up that it is your first time. You must be an ama member(which you can purchase at sign up) you also have to take an ecea test. Here is the link. and here is the rule book: print out the test, answer the questions, and bring it with you to sign up. This will save you a lot of time. Check out our website: Good Luck!
  11. Well said.. If you like to ride in Brendan Byrne you should check out this club. They are a good club and that is where they hold their enduro which is coming up in a couple of months!
  12. I use s-12's I mainly ride in the sand.
  13. So they are saying that you, being the father, need a CT drivers licence in order to get you kids bikes registerd in CT?
  14. Early on Sunday morning hopefully I won't run into too much traffic on the bridge.
  15. Thanks yeah the bike is plated!