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  1. That e axle is a pretty neat idea... I might have to invest soon!
  2. Honda used a 20" on the front for the first year or two of their Al. frame... they tried to take some of the harshness out of the front. They're back to the 21" as is every other bike co. Run a 90/21 on the front and call it good.
  3. oil and water mix some where in the c/c vent tube. No worries... run it!
  4. Like I have said many times before, a sprocket is only as good as the chain thats on it. Buy a JT or Sunstar steel sprocket and a good quality o/x-ring chain and you'll be worry free for a long long time. And on a 4titty you wont feel a difference between Al sprocket and non o-ring chain and a steely and o-ring chain!
  5. What did the basket look like when you had it apart? If its an 02 then it probably needs a basket, outer and possibly inner and pressure plate. Pull it all apart and check for grooves or wear. Also how much play is in the lever? Should be just a slight amount. You say you cant get it in N... is that with it running, off, idling with clutch in.... riding and trying to down shift... fill us in a little more.
  6. so did you tell her you are gay?!
  7. canards whip at about 50 sec's wins it! But over all, I would give it to Vuillamin. We can leave out these guys....
  8. The difference shouldnt be noticeable! what are you doing with the 144??? ready to pass it on??? let me know!
  9. if thats you in your avatar, you have a perfect body! I say quit riding get a job in doors where you sit on your ars and eat tons of taco bell and McD's... Thats what I have started doing and i have gained 15 lbs.!
  10. put it together how ever you want, and heat cycle it a time or two then run the piss out of it!
  11. you can get a rebuild kit that comes with all necessities.
  12. pull the master cyl. apart. The one way rubber valve ma-jobber is probably deteriorated!
  13. MS2 all the way! You wont regret it!
  14. Michelin M12 or MS2/3 Dunlop 773 (pure soft stuff) or 756 (good all around) or the next best thing to a paddle might be a Pirelli MT 410 Scorpion Cross I run MS2 starcross for everything. Works great and reasonably priced.
  15. rcannon... no input??