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  1. You might want to add Seafoam to the next few tanks of gas to clean out the carb. That stuff works wonders.
  2. I know this thread is very old but was wondering what you ended up sticking with for sea level jetting on the main and pilot? Thanks.
  3. I'm going to check out a few used TRX90's this weekend and am wondering what things I should be looking at to try and determine if its in good shape. I have always bought new in the past so any suggestions would be great, thanks!
  4. Are you talking about drilling the stock exhaust??
  5. The '06 does not come with the cam mod from the factory. My brother just did the cam mod on his '06 and has no problems at all. He loves the way the bike responds now.
  6. The cam mod has the same affect on the '06 as the '04-'05.
  7. I am about to purchase a Dynatech FS for my 450 and am wondering if there are any negatives that I am unaware of. All input is welcomed. Thanks!
  8. It’s about time someone stepped up and said this. When I bought my quad I sat back and took everything in to learn the answers and make my own opinions. I jet my own bike and am able to trouble shoot jetting issues my self by the feel of the bike. Also I could care less about what bike can beat what bike because it all comes down to the rider. If you want to know what is faster line up next to it and race.I guess when the majority of the members on this site are under 16 it should be expected.
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