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  1. Mark Richards

    Opinions on which bike?

    Yeah, from what I am hearing he may be too short for a 125 2 stroke.... So as far as finding something between the 85 and 125 you recommend the KX 100?
  2. Mark Richards

    Opinions on which bike?

    He rode my buddies sons RM85 , bike size wise seemed small for him? He wanted a bit more power. My friend actually said we should get him a 125. I will check out KX 100, is it 2 stroker?
  3. Mark Richards

    Opinions on which bike?

    He has ridden 85 2 stroke , just too big for it so this why pushing to the 125 2 stroke.
  4. My son(12 years old-110 lbs/ 5"3) currently riding KLX 110 and TTR 125 is looking for something lighter/more into racing/jumps. Have been looking at CR125/KX125 or RM125, 2 strokers used. Price range around 2k +/-. Would like something no older than 2004 or so. Also found a good deal on 2007 Honda CR150 R for 2k but not sure how this rides comparable to the above bikes. I know 4 stroker so not sure ? Any input please let me know. Any help from anyone out there would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Wondering if anyone out there can recommend a good ramp to use to load my bikes. I have a truck with 8 inch lift(rims/tires) . Currently using a 6ft ramp but thinking need to get to a 8 or 10 ft possibly?
  6. Was looking into getting my 8 year old a new bike, he has a CRF50 currently. He has not had alot of experience on it but needs something bigger and faster. I have been looking at the CRF70 which is about his size, the 80 is too big for him. Like the bike but I am thinking I may end up buying another one shortly because of the engine size(he may outgrow it quickly). Also looking at the TTR90 which I liked but it is heavier and may not allow him to be move around as easily as the 70. I like the fact that it has 20 more CC's. Was thinking of the KLX 110 also which I do not know much about? Want something that he can fit onto and that has some power to hold him for a few years. Must be a four stroke and green sticker. Any input from anyone out there is appreciated.