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  1. Scspringer81

    bottoming out

    thanks for the info, but that's what i always thought and i mentioned that to him and he said that if you want it stiffer you remove less oil because that causes more air and makes it stiffer. I personal dont' believe it and feel i should add more oil to the front forks even if it just just 10 or 15 mill m. maybe i heard him wrong but i am not sure.. ether way he and i will just do our suspension and hopefully we'll get it figured out.. thanks for the suggestions guys
  2. Scspringer81

    GRIP questions.. I NEED MAD HELP FAST

    just wanted to tell everybody thanks, but i just went out and bought anther set of the renthal dual compound grips. the whole time i was trying to get them new kevlar grips by renthal to stick and they just wouldn't with hondabond. anyway i put new renthal grips and renthal clue let me sit for a couple hours and then singled wired the grips. works great so far. i do miss my hold bars because i did use the duck tape then pj 1 contact cleaner in the grips and slid them on. and that worked great on the non throttle side and even offered more cusion.. totally recommend that. Anyway went with new renthal dual compound grips just the regular ones and renthal grip clue.. So thanks again guys. Springer912
  3. Scspringer81

    bottoming out

    hey my name is shawn and i am 25 I am between around 6ft and 6.1. i weight like 192 without gear and i ride a 05 crf 450. my buddy keeps telling my bike is fine but lately i have been jumping some bigger gaps and i hear and feel the front fork bottom out. i know its good to use the whole suspension travel and the rear shock should bottom out some times, but i hear i am between spring rates and it woudl be to costly for me to try and get it to perfect. I quit racing a while ago and now just ride for fun mostly just practice and put a lap or two at full speed. i run all stock stuff except what my buddy at pro-action of florida has done to my clickers and sag. the problem is i fell as though just the front fork is soft and bottoms out on bigger jumps. He says for what i do now i should just change the oil and add add more clicks on the fork compression. anybody know if you can put just stiffer forks in the front and leave the back stock, or does that cause the bike to be unbalenced? somebody give me some advice.. o and i dont' want to revalve because i will start wanting to go faster and get back into that whole. thing.. o yeah i practice in A and B practice but i used to race C class only because my fat ass coulnd't last more than a lap.. anyway send me some ideas
  4. Scspringer81

    Clutch pull ???

    i have 05 crf 450 and the problem is my clutch is so damn hard to pull in.. Now its not that hard but it has gotten harder to pull in. my buddy has a crf 250 and it's noticeably easy to pull in. now i did add an extra 50cc of tranny oil because i have been hearing from some people of guys blowing 3rd gear and in magazines aswell as at the local tracks. i bought a new cable and it's still a little hard to pull in.. about to buy a hydra clutch if it still bothers me to where i can't finish a moto without pop eye left forearm.. Does anybody have any suggestions to make the pull of the clutch easier besides changing the clutch springs and quit my bitching...?
  5. Scspringer81

    05 gas tank problems

    when i purchased my brand new 05 450 i never thought i would have this problem espically with a brand new bike. Anyway my problem is when i bought my bike i found that i couldn't take the left shroud off becuse the middle tank bolt just spins in what i believe is the insert in the tank or the bolt just isn't backing out and is simply spinning. it doesn't bother me except i cant' take my plastic off and they are beat up, i plan to just buy a big graphic to cover all the scratches but wondered what i could do to get this bolt out when i do buy new plastic. i thought about pulling it and seeing if the whole bolt and insert will come out and maybe putting another insert in the tank if that's even an option, or drilling the bolt and then backing it out but not sure how to do that.. point is i willl probably have to buy another F-ing tank.. but if anybody has had this problem before can somebody lend some friendly help
  6. Scspringer81

    2005/06 450

    if that's humor i have been laughing at the the stupidest jokes my whole life, humor is when you laugh. I am all for jokes but at least make them funny.
  7. Scspringer81

    2005/06 450

    graphics please
  8. Scspringer81

    2005/06 450

    I'm calm just emphasizing my points that's all.. no harm no foul
  9. Scspringer81

    2005/06 450

    We always have to have an idiot that has to post something stupid;IE a bicycle. Let me guess your an A rider and your bike is stock except suspension and maybe a full exhaust yeah i know i know.. Rather put the money in the bike to make it handle better than how it looks. I guess I would to if I was still trying to live out my dream of being the fastest guy at the track in hopes of maybe one day you can actually make money for riding, but yet instead I work for a living and actually make a very good living and am very happy racing my Florida B class races as well as enjoy having a trick looking bike. Your the man Mr. vacrf450 let me guess all you know is dirt bikes.. do you know what law school is?
  10. Scspringer81

    2005/06 450

    Wondering if you guys can post pictures of your 2005 or 2006 450's that have graphic kits.. trying to find the perfect one.. Please Post some pictures.
  11. Scspringer81

    black rims

    anybody with black rims can you post some pictures of your bike please. trying to get an idea of the graphics i want.. thanks
  12. Scspringer81

    Ultimate CRF450 -what would you build

    Just get 10k suspension from factory connection, then put a pipe and silencer, bars, clamps footpegs, bigger rotars. then put the rest of the money in lessions
  13. Scspringer81

    05- 06 GRAHPIC kits

    In search of a sweet looking graphic kit. i hate all the n-style, factory effect and only like one kit -the white camo one industries kit other than motoxxx, motosport and sobe graphics kit.. I have black rims and have only to like the motoxxx, motosport and sobe graphics. I was wondering if anybody had any sweet pictures of their 05-06 crf 450 bike.. please don't post pictures of your bike if you wouldn't run it in the AMA, such as those stupid Flame, skull, stripper graphics, or your custom made stuff.. please only clean and simple.. thanks for you HELP
  14. Scspringer81

    exhaust LENGTH

    can you send me a send picture of your bike.. i think it looks sweet.. its an 05 or newer right? i am debating between putting motoxxx graphics or what your has, but i think i would buy a black seat cover to match the bike,, but i really like yours alot.. i hope my black rims when they get back look as good as yours
  15. Scspringer81

    exhaust LENGTH

    does anybody know why the hell all 4 stroke exhaust except the dauls stick out so far once you put on an after market exhuast even if you buy the header it makes it about stock length.. Do then make one that is flush or a little past the side panal.. look at honda's 450 like #10 exhuast.. by yosha for an perfect example to how it should be..